Why GoMetro is the best way to reach public transport users

In a world where technology continues to take the centre stage and draws attention to potential consumers, it becomes impossible to overlook the incredible power of digital marketing tool for your products or services, that is the main reason why these two big brands in South Africa chose GoMetro mobile advertisement to market their products.

GoMetro has made it easier for public transport users to move around, now, companies can to reach their potential clients using GoMetro advertising.  One of the advantages that GoMetro advertising has for consumers is easy accessiblity, which is what GoMetro is known for by public transport users.

GoMetro has proven to be a “go-to” app for mobile advertising, based on the previous Burger King and Ackermans campaigns we had on our mobisite and app. The great number of people who viewed these advertisements is a grand reflection of the extent to which GoMetro can go in reaching out to public transport users.

Using GoMetro ads allows access to everyone with a mobile device, this expands accessibility from all device types, models and manufactures. This enables companies to know their new pool of clients and to explore their interests and interactions from their campaigns.

In a period of 41 days, the Burger King advert gained 297 588 impressions on GoMetro’s mobile transit app, 2 823 clicks and 19 090 GoMetro’s email delieveries. From the Ackermans ad campaingn, which ran for 28 days, received 148 343 impressions and 1 145 clicks. This proves that more GoMetro users are accessing the app and in the process, also use it to check other products that are advertised within the app.

These ads have proved to save time, as the commuters do not necessarily have to visit the actual stores or restaurants to see what is offered there. All the research, product finding and comparison which is done usually by consumers is already minimized,  cutting time of travelling to stores and having to go through aisles in which their desired product is located. GoMetro makes it easier for corporates to reach out to clients and ensure that their brands are always visible to their clientele.

Another advantage is that companies can capitalise on the already existing pool of commuters who use the app, who also stand a good chance of becoming loyal customers to the advertising brands – GoMetro app users already trust the app, due to the reliable information they always find from the app, such as transit real-time schedules, changes and service announcements.

Interested in GoMetro mobile advertisements? For more information you can contact the following people:

Domenico Deidda
084 304 3990

Craig Rautenbach
074 117 9917

Nathi Tshabalala
083 925 0702

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