Welcome to Tunisia

You know what they say: have great innovation, will travel… This week we thought we’d let the rest of you GoMetropolitans in on what we’ve been busy with lately and how we’re changing not just our country for the better, but others’ too.

Welcome to Tunisia

Home to more than a million people, the sprawling city of Tunis is an up-and-coming melting pot that mixes new innovation with the world-famous ruins of Carthage. It’s a truly unique and beautiful city and GoMetro is excited to bringing our magic to such a magical town.

April and the rest of 2018’s first quarter has had the GoMetro team bringing our vibe to Tunisia, where we were picked to help out France’s Agence Française de Développement and Transitec with a game-changing mapping project in Tunis. The ambitious project will see Transitec using GoMetro Pro’s tech in the forms of our unique Mapper app and data management platform to develop a diagnosis about informal transport in Tunisia through field surveys. An in-depth month-long process involving data collection at 25 different stations throughout the city, speaking to both passengers and drivers.

The aim of the project is to provide concrete figures for improving the way people move in Tunis, and GoMetro is always all about that in any city. GPS tracking will assess waiting times for passengers, reliability of existing transport and more. Also, the conditions of each station and even a total economical analysis complete with revenue and maintenance figures are all part of the bigger picture. The result? More trips in one day for transporters, with better reliability and more transparency for commuters. Sign us up!

Ultimately, this shows the power of GoMetro Pro as a self-service platform where consultants around the world can purchase a license to use our tools on their own for their mapping projects – an easy and cost-effective alternative to GoMetro doing the mapping for them ourselves.

But the real beauty of GoMetro Pro is it is a real, practical way to make the world a better place. The countries that most of our clients and users are in are emerging countries in Africa, Asia and South America, where most users are too poor to do anything but rely on semi-informal public transport (paratransit). Unfortunately, citizens and government do not often have access to safe and reliable data and maps in these places. Key information like fares, stops, schedules and maps are simply not available, making it harder for citizens to navigate these very fragmented systems that are often unreliable and unsafe. Overall one could say the informal public transport networks are out of control due to a lack of data and information.

That’s were GoMetro comes in. Using our tools like GoMetro Pro, cities are able to digitize complex and chaotic informal transport systems on the ground. They are then able to share better commuter information to their citizens, promoting an efficient public transport usage. Ultimately, this results in a more sustainable and inclusive city, which improves not just the way its people move, but their quality of life as well. All this positively impacts the city economically, and more money means even better infrastructure. And just like that, you’ve created a positive upward spiral where before there was none. Pretty cool, right?

Tunis certainly seems to think so. By all accounts the city is excited for the mapping project to be complete. Slated for completion sometime in May, the mapping project is designed to provide big results fast for a place that needs them. Rollout of improvements will happen within four weeks or less of the mapping project being completed!

We couldn’t be happier. This is what GoMetro is all about. The Agence Française de Développement has already provided Tunis with tramways from the Transtu network, but this will be GoMetro’s first time in the fantastic city and a priceless opportunity to make others’ lives better. What else is transport for?

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