Go for GoMetro advertisement to reach mobile users

GoMetro is the official mobile app nationally for PRASA and Metrorail in Eastern Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape. Commuters across the above mentioned provinces use GoMetro daily to check their train updates, ranging from delays, schedules and service announcements.

GoMetro app dedicates an advertising space to companies that would like to grow their clientele. We know that our target market is people who are busy working and studying. GoMetro is trying to make things easy for commuters so that they don’t become left behind because of their busy schedule.

With GoMetro, commuters get all the information they need in one place. Commuters get their train delays, timetables, fare rates, tickets and they can provide feedback. To put advertisements in the app is very convenient for commuters because it makes things easy for them. These people wake up in morning and run to catch a train and come back late in the evening tired. They dont have time to sit down and watch tv, listen to radio or check newspapers. GoMetro helps them to be updated while they are in the go. Users of the GoMetro App can see the adverts while checking for their train updates and delays. It is easy and affordable for commuters. They just click on the icon of the advert and the GoMetro app shows the whole advert details and even the store details.

Below is the screenshot showing how the adverts looks in the GoMetro app.



GoMetro ran advertisments for Burger King and Ackermans, to mention a few. All these campaigns became a success – reaching individuals aged 28 to 55 years. Our app supports Android, Blackberry, Apple and Windows, making it easy for everyone to have access to our product. GoMetro should be your number one mobile advertiser.

Advertising with us is advantageous for both commuters and advertisers. You can be sure that your product information reach so many people as it can when you put it in the GoMetro app. Your product can sell in a very high speed when you advertise with GoMetro because we have different age groups using GoMetro.

For more information you can contact the following people:

Domenico Deidda at 084 304 3990 or send an email to dom@gometro.co.za. Craig Rautenbach 074 117 9917, craig@gometro.co.za and Nathi Tshabalala 083 925 0702, nathi@gometro.co.za



GoMetro advertising assists users not to waste more time going up and down to view products and services from different service providers, but rather receive everything in one place by just a click of a button.
It is advisable for businesses to consider GoMetro mobile advertising as a platform to gain more clientele and keep it, the app boasts an enormous number of users who are already exposed to GoMetro’s services, therefore rely for GoMetro to provide a good referal of products and services.

It therefore becomes inevitable to overlook the advert because it is now associated with the already known and trusted brand, which is GoMetro. The element of trust and affection that commuters have on GoMetro inevitably prevails and the same goes to the advertised brand.

This is in an instant, soon as your campaign starts running on our mobile transit app – GoMetro App.

The advantage that GoMetro gives to the advertised product is that it is placed to a variety of transport users,  therefore, every person who using the GoMetro mobile transit app or mobisite, gets exposed to all other brands that are advertised within the GoMetro. As users navigate through the app to view the timeframes of their respective transport mediums, they bump into products and services that are offered by companies that advertise with GoMetro.

the audience and how that improves brand identity of the concerned product.















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