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Is your Transport Late again? We can help with Email Your Boss

Transport Late – We all know that feeling: You have an important event to go to, school exam or work. You arrive at the station 10 minutes before your transport is scheduled to depart, eager to be there on time. Yet your transport is late. You sit and wait… and wait… Uncertainty creeps in regarding how to inform your employer that you are late. You know that it is not your fault. Late Transport made you miss your appointment. Yet you will be held accountable for being late.

Public Transport late? This is how you inform your employer

GoMetro, the public transport app that provides schedules, updates and announcements from Metrorail, has introduced a mobile feature to their app: “Email Your Boss”. The purpose of this feature is to help commuters inform their employers about late transport.

Train commuters can access “email your boss” from the GoMetro website – Simply select the “Email your boss” menu item. Next, select the late transport line to report and your employer’s contact details.

Not an email spam service

Our Late Transport “Email your boss” service is not a subscription service. Marnus Lottering, GoMetro’s community manager points out that “the service is not intended to send employers a daily email with general train delay information, every email an employer receives is an individual email, personally sent by a user. An employer will not receive regular email updates from GoMetro on a daily basis.”

After the commuter submits his email, the employer receives a message that informs him that his employee is late. The email also contains late transport information. The employer will receive a link, showing the current Metrorail announcements on the line specified by the user.

All devices supported

The email your boss feature, to indicate late transport is available on any mobile device. This feature is designed for everyone, including users who do not have smart phones or even internet browsers. The number *120*4668# can be phoned from any mobile device to access the email your boss feature.

So, next time you face late transport frustrations, remember to email your boss. That is: use the “Email your boss” feature on

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