Train Times Made Easy

Checking train times is as easy as checking your airtime – *120*4668#

GoMetro provides the technology to help you check your train times, anytime, anywhere. Improve the way you move with GoMetro USSD.

Commuters can use USSD to find out about their train times. Simply dial *120*4668# for the latest schedules, times and updates for PRASA Metrorail, Gautrain, MyCiti, ReaVaya and Golden arrow on your phone. (20c per 20 secs)

Alternatively, go to to either view your train times or view updates and announcements on your mobile browser.

This USSD service is accessible even if you are not using a smartphone. Any cell phone can be used.  All you need to have is your device and airtime. We understand that not everyone has a smartphone and not everyone has data. That is the reason we also included this service because everyone can utilize it easily.

A User enters *120*4668# and the GoMetro welcome page pops up. Choose from three provinces – Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape. After choosing a province, you can easily follow the onscreen prompts to get what you need.

Train Times

Train Times Cape Town, Gauteng, KZN

Plan your journey. Also, view Metrorail updates and Train times. Alternatively, E-mail your boss if trains are delayed.

USSD Options List

1 – First of all: option 1 is to plan your journey and view train times. Check the transport availability around your area by entering their starting station and the stop point.

2 – Secondly, the Metrorail updates option. When you want to check Metrorail updates, select this option. The menu with different lines will pop-up and allow you to choose your line or route. This includes checking your train times, fares and delays.

3 – Thirdly, the Email- your-boss. When you see that your transport is delaying and you are going to be late for work, you can use this option. It writes an email letting your boss know that you are going to be late because your transport is delaying.

4 – Fourthly, ‘tell your friend’. This allows you to share the Gometro service with a friend. Helping them find their free train times service on their phones.

5 – Fifthly, You also get an option that allows you to buy a ticket. When you open the “my ticket” menu it gives you four options. “Buy ticket”, “view my ticket”, “my pin” and “my account”. In this menu you can create your account so that you are able to buy a ticket online, view your tickets and check your pin. – Coming soon.

6 – Lastly, a change Province option. You can go back to the first menu and change your province by clicking this option.

Most noteworthy, these options are created in a way that makes it easy for a user to browse through them and quickly find what they are looking for.

GoMetro believes that an informed community is a smart community. Be a responsible citizen with GoMetro at your side.


Go to to view your train times, updates and announcements on your mobile browser.

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