Train Safety – 10 rules commuters should know

Train Safety rules that transit commuters should abide by

These train safety rules are in practice to keep commuters safe, comfortable and protected, along with other commuters and their driver.

It is important for every transit commuter to closely adhere to these train safety rules. These rules are usually visible around stations. GoMetro has compiled 10 common rules, which a commuter should know and travel by, for the safety of the commuter, driver, transport space and other commuters – not following some of these train safety rules could lead to prosecution, a fine, or even put one’s live at risk to serious injury or death.

Below are the 10 common train safety rules that every transit commuter should know and adhere to:

1. Ensure that the doors of the vehicle are shut in order for the transport to start moving. The reason for this is to keep every commuter safe on a moving train.

2. Do not smoke in trains. One may face fines if found smoking on a station or inside the train.

3. Don’t disturb the driver. Disturbing the driver in any way may result in serious injuries. Drivers need to concentrate on the task at hand.

4. Don’t touch the horn or the steering wheel. To reach over into the operating area of the vehicle is extremely dangerous and consequently not permitted.

5. Eating and drinking in the vehicle is not permitted, serious health risks could result.

6. No pushing. Pushing people in front of you can cause serious injuries to others. No matter how many people are waiting for the same bus or train. Form a line when you are about to board public transport. Pushing others around is forbidden in the transit industry, subjecting one to arrest or fining.

7. No crossing yellow lines – Similar to the road, there are lines indicating where a commuter should not cross whenever a train is approaching. Even if there are no trains at the time, the line serves as a precaution. This serves as a protection to avoid injury either by accident or cause. These lines are visible at all rail stations.

8. Always allow other passengers opportunity to exiting first. When transport stops, allow passengers in front of you to exit first before attempting to board. Hence, standing to the left or right of the door to give others exiting space.

9. Always keep your fare in hand after having boarded. Do not attempt to take a free ride. Metrorail initiated the ‘Ithekithi Esandleni’ campaign to curb the practice of using the train without paying for the service.

10. Never try to exit the train while the vehicle is moving. It is dangerous to get off a moving train and can cost you your life and put other commuters in danger. Always wait for the vehicle to remain stationary before opening the door and exiting the vehicle.

Your life and your safety is in your hands. Be a safe commuter and always remember that your actions can cost other commuters their lives.

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