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February is the month of love, and there’s nothing like love in the air to make you think about what really matters. At GoMetro, we’re excited about trends as much as the next startup, but there are some things that matter no matter what month it is. When trends come to meet the important stuff? Now, that’s really interesting.

Here are two things that look set to be big in the few months in 2018 that are big deals any time of the year, and GoMetro is really excited about them. Here they are:

Mobility education

It’s an old secret that, if you really want something to change, change the minds of the young. The great thing about new multimodal mobility ways of thinking is that they are totally natural for the movers of tomorrow, and kinds sitting in school currently are already expecting to tally new ways to transport by the time they get their first license. Awesome!

Recently, Vix South Africa held its first ever learnership program, which saw 19 to 30 year-olds trained in ICT and transport mobility. The learners spent six months learning about Automatic Fare Collection; bus operations; on-board bus ticketing equipment; basic fault finding and repairs; customer service; electronic components; project planning; safety processes; key account management; project finances, route analyses, SLA management, reporting and analyses as well as testing of equipment. They were taught how to repair equipment and thereafter, on a rotational basis, spent time in the field with qualified technicians based at bus operator depots. The learners were also exposed to the operations; stock control; data analyses and management; and customer service departments within Vix South Africa. We haven’t heard the last from these learner on the mobility front, we’re sure.



It doesn’t matter who you are, community is important. And a sense of community can also make huge financial sense – we learnt that with the success of the crowdfunding model.

The world of mobility is becoming a global community, with stronger relationships between entrepreneurs and pioneers in transport worldwide coming together in mutual respect and collaboration.

Now, the future of community may well be Blockchain in the tech space. GoMetro is getting involved in an Initial Coin Offering fundraising model, in which a new cryptocurrency is invented and traded against the Bitcoins and such of yesterday, all on Blockchain. We are looking at this in conjunction with some of the brightest minds in London and in the tech space worldwide to create what is called a community token approach, because community is important. ICO offerings have raised millions in the past and we think that this could be just as exciting. With it, we’re tapping into the new Mobility as a Service industry – valued at $1 trillion by experts by 2030. If you’re an investor, this may just be your golden ticket.

That ICO is going public very soon – next month – so watch this space!

Well, we’re all inspired up for another Monday. How about you? What’s important to you, GoMetropolitans? Let us know…

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