Startup Ranking Independent study lists GoMetro as one of the top 10 startups in South Africa

Justin (Founder and CEO of GoMetro):
GoMetro is one of the Top 10 startups in South Africa according to an independent algorithm measuring the relevance of a startup site. is one of the most mentioned and linked startups in South Africa – and that is 9 months after our launch in Cape Town.

What makes this result even more rewarding for my team is that we are the ONLY bootstrapped company on that list in South Africa. Some of the other startups on the list have received more than R100 million in funding, others have received strong angel investment, still others are internal corporate ‘startups’ with resources to advertise on Television. So remove these outliers from the sample, and GoMetro is punching well above its weight.

GoMetro has been internally funded from revenues on the site since launch due to a passionate and determined team. So even though our door is open to angel investment – we have proved that it is possible to generate considerable traction in the market by honing in on user needs and solving a scalable problem. We are PROUDLY BOOTSTRAPPED. 🙂

We have really benefited from incubation at the mLab and the Bandwidth Barn – and we are setting the foundations for global acceleration. We are mindful of the fact that it takes 3 or more years to become an ‘overnight’ success – so we have quite a way to go.

But with the right team, ecosystems, hard work and the right amount of luck – we will get into the top 100 Global Rank.

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