Six benefits to work shuttles that aren’t petrol savings – and some that are


Our parents lived by rules when it came to work. Just like their parents did before them. You have one job at a time, which you play out in your designated cubicle, and no gaps in your CV for silly things like travel. You keep your head down, you pretty much as a rule dislike your job and don’t get paid enough. This job is in an office, and you sit in peak hour traffic to get to it and leave it, in your car which you have to buy so you can get to this job.

That’s our parents’ lives. But this generation is rethinking all those rules, aren’t we?

Not quite all. There are people who are still resistant to the idea of flexible mobility solutions for work. To them, each grunt driving their own car to work, or using public transport, is the only way. Why? Because, for people who haven’t seen it in action, it just sounds… weird. Like you, a normal person, get a chauffeur for work or something.

For those who haven’t yet seen it in action, we at GoMetro, the good fairy of flexible mobility solutions for work forces, have highlighted some benefits that go beyond just saving you petrol money:

A less stressed out everybody

No one sitting behind the wheel means no one getting to work already frazzled, angry and cursing taxi drivers before the work day has even begun. Sitting back, chilling while on your way to work, getting a start on those emails or just chatting to peeps means you’re in a sunnier mood for your day before you get anywhere near the coffee machine.

A better functioning team

Speaking of this, staff chatting on the way to work builds more of a real team atmosphere and more camaraderie. Way cheaper and more effective than some random team-building retreat once a year.

A more equal team

Also, there’s often an invisible racial and class divide between those that use public transport to get to work and those that don’t. How cool would it be to have the IT guy, the CEO, the cleaning lady and the receptionist all in the same boat (um, car) for a change?

Wayyy les wear and tear on your car

We all know that petrol is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to spending on your car. The less you drive it, the less maintenance it needs. And, if you’re not driving to work, you’re driving way less without even trying. And that’s not even counting the insurance money you’ll save.

More time with loved ones, if you want it that way

If you wanted to, you could spend your work commute phoning a varsity friend you haven’t chatted to in ages, or skyping the parents. Or sending flirty messages to the wife. Sky’s the limit.

Less issues for senior management with late-arriving staff

Which leads to less grumpy senior staff. Which leads to less grumpy junior staff. Which leads to a less grumpy CEO. Which leads to craft beer Fridays. Yay…

And, for those who want to talk petrol, just what having a ride to work paid for by work accomplish?

Well, let’s say that you need to drive 10 kilometres to get to work each day. In a small, fuel-efficient car, that’s going to cost you about R40,00 at AA rates each day. At R200 a week, this adds up fast. Also, last year worked out that most South Africans spend a staggering R27000 on fuel each year. With easily two thirds of that for driving to work, what could you do with an extra R18 000 in your life?

Just something to think about on a Monday morning, with the most expensive season of the year around the corner…

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