Safety in our transport and roads remain everyone’s responsibility

The significance of public transport in our societies go beyond just moving commuters from one place to another. It requires safety and reliability, hence the call for an accident-free public transport is echoed in our country.

Minister of Transport, Dipuo Peters, indicated that road carnage remains a huge challenge and that irresponsible drivers are a danger to society as they put people’s lives at risk. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility as one person’s recklessness and irresponsibility may result into injury or death.

Motorists are urged to be vigilant on our roads as the most important thing is to ensure that passengers reach their destination safe and secure. However, some motorists do not abide by the laws of the roads, through negligence they break the law, by exceeding the recommended speed limits or drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Minister also indicated that the department was considering classifying recklessness and irresponsibility on the road as serious crimes. This would ensure that those who break the law face the full might of the same law that they broke.

Public transport is essential in our lives as it enables us to get around – buses, trains and taxis make life easier for everyone as they are reliable and affordable to most people. To this extent, all people who use public transport should make it their responsibility to safeguard and take care of our public transport system.

The transport sector also assists in job creation. Many jobs are created through public transport and this plays a big role in pushing back the frontiers of poverty. We should all work together to ensure safety on our roads by being responsible and also behave in a manner that does not seek to threaten our existence.

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