New Year’s resolution: be even more awesome

If you’re anything like us, you started the new year’s work last week this time, but today it starts for real. Schedules are filling up, meetings are doubling in size and life has started accelerating back out of holiday cruising speed. It can get really difficult to remember the New Year’s resolutions from little over two weeks ago.

But new years are new seasons and it’s awesome to change and improve. And so, before you get too busy being fabulous in 2018, we thought we’d share what GoMetro has started its new year with: helping fund and conceptualise the new Internet of Mobility.

What on earth is the Internet of Mobility?


We’ve gotten used to talk of the Internet of Things and the Blockchain in corporate and finance discussions – but what about in mobility? What were the buzzwords of doing business then are the buzzwords of transport tomorrow. And, of course, GoMetro is in on it.

GoMetro is starting the year off strong by being involved on the investment side of a new mobility application in the blockchain. And the aim is this: imagine if the mobility solutions of the future could be connected to both systems and each other the way IoT aims to connect your fridge? So, for example, if you’re on a cycling tour of the French countryside for a holiday, this would mean a bike-sharing solution that was able to communicate traffic information to you, keep tabs on your holiday itinerary and even call a cab – all hosted on, say, the autonomous vehicle you left in your garage at home.

If this sounds like sci-fi we assure you it’s not. In fact, the stuff we’re involved in is happening as soon as March. Here’s what Simon Ho, founder of TSIO Protocol and Executive Chair of the UK integrated mobility services innovator Travel Spirit, has to say about it:

“Current infrastructure and data for travel booking, payment and information remains locked away in silos. For travelling customers, this means having to use multiple apps and wasted time trying to “manually” sew together their journey, leaving the idea and desire for a seamless mobility experience a far-off dream.

“Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a market valued at $1 trillion by 2030, that empowers users to make individual journeys and/or overall mobility lifestyle choices that involve combinations of flights, ferries, private car, shared mobility services and public transport. It is being driven by an observed trend for consumer markets a moving away from a desire to own cars to being in control of their digitalised lives.”

What’s this got to do with GoMetro?

Ever heard of ICO? It’s like crowd funding or venture capital investing with the blockchain – more specifically, with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This kind of funding is what Travel Spirit and TSIO Protocol are involved in to kick off the Internet of Mobility as a real thing, and GoMetro has been asked to be a part of it. We’ll be front and centre when things go live in March, so watch this space!

To know more about all this, click on the link below to see TSIO’s whitepaper on the subject:

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