Need for SA to provide bus and rail services with effective communication for scholars

Imagine an integrated bus and rail scholars service, that is designed to transport pupils to their designated schools and back, a service that is user-friendly, with an effective communication.

Many pupils walk and travel long hours on roads to get to school. Along these traveling hours they experience traffic congestions, road unworthy vehicles, traffic noise – they get to observe accidents, road constructions, uneven roads with potholes and road barriers.  All this experience could have an impact on their learning time and academics.

Therefore, it is essential for rural and urban schools to have their own special trains and buses that will pick the pupils from their homes or designated bus stops and railway stations and drop them at their various schools.

Special and reliable rail and bus dedicated to pupils, linked with efficient communication could be a solution to faster, comfortable and safer scholar transport mode.  The Department of Transport may need to review their learner transport policy and implementation plan concerning collaborated mode of transport that will curb road infrastructure challenges, travel time, and congestion mostly in urbanised cities.

Last year, GoMetro introduced the first flexible mobility app at the University of Pretoria, GoTuks. Two apps, GoTUKS and GoMetro Live were launched to enable bus drivers to communicate and be tracked by students who use the university buses to get around. See the picture below for all the features includes on GoTUKS:

GoTuks Changed Latest - CASESTUDY_GoMetro_GoTuks

GoTuks for University of Pretoria Students and bus drivers

Read more about it here: GoMetro introduces the first Flexible Mobility Platform for University of Pretoria students to make traveling with buses easier.

Trains and buses are still the safest way to travel with lesser accidents when compared to other modes of transport. However, safe and efficient transport is achieved through smart – fast transit communication system which will provide commuters with real-time updates about their transport schedule and updates.

For public use of trains, see how GoMetro achieves efficient communication in rail and what makes commuters enjoy train journeys at or alternatively use the USSD service, which is accessible on all types of mobile phones *120*4668#.

Stay tuned for more updates on trains and informative reports.

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