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Launch of “My Trains” on GoMetro.

We are very pleased to announce the launch tomorrow (September 2, 2013) of “My Trains” on GoMetro.

My Trains is a simple web app that allows commuters to register a profile on GoMetro. This is a long-awaited feature leads to many benefits for Metrorail and commuters.

GoMetro is now available on multiple platforms and soon to be live in all regions of South Africa. We have been working on the next phase of the project: personalized communication to the commuter. Tomorrow (September 2, 2013) is a very big day for us. It is the start of the next leg of our journey together!

We are focusing on bringing the commuter and Metrorail closer together. My Trains is a simple web app that allows commuters to register a profile on GoMetro called a GoMetro ID, and link trips to their profile. This means that commuters do not have to go through the standard decision tree to search their trains. Users can go straight to their personal area for relevant information.

Coming soon based on this first step:

1. The ability to notify employers of late trains and delays to employees in real-time.
2. Metrorail to direct message commuters based on their location/line – and not a bulk SMS to everyone.
3. Very accurately measure user growth in each area/line and see where activations are happening.
4. Link PRASA services, such as WiFi or Ticketing – to a user’s GoMetro ID.

With this in mind, GoMetro will roll out a new marketing initiative in partnership with Metrorail M&C in each region. We will be aiming to activate commuters on platform / in queues and help them to register for the service. Once registered – GoMetro can email or SMS the user more tips and reminders to return to the site. The GoMetro ID / registration means that GoMetro can be incorporated into all marketing / outreach / communications efforts – whether it is for safety reminders, 2015 Rolling Stock info, construction notifications / updates – GoMetro will be the easiest channel to reach commuters.

More information is to follow so be sure to watch this space.

Go to: – view train times, updates and Metrorail announcements to know the status of your trains.

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