Mobility saving the planet – Germany, you’re doing it right

It’s just been EU Green Cities week over in Europe and so, this week, we thought we’d honour a comrade in mobility who is doing great things in improving the way folks move: Germany.

The Munich Transport Company in Germany, a municipal public transport operative, announced last week that they are launching a public ridesharing service where inhabitants can request a carpool via a smartphone app anywhere in the city. It makes Munich the second major city in Germany to go this route after Berlin’s door2door app launched. But unlike door2door and even more excitingly, this could herald an exciting move away from the largely privatised mobility innovation into more and more state buy-in.

As we at GoMetro already know, ridesharing is good for the environment. It has been proven that transport emissions account for at least a quarter of all greenhouse-gas emissions destroying the ozone, if not more, so le vehicles on the road means less air pollution and car-sharing services is one of the best ways to achieve that. So, we really applaud Munch Transport Company’s efforts, which will launch for the public halfway through June and will carpool up t six passengers per vehicle per time.

Another cool thing that happened in Germany was on 24 May recently, when the new Transport Decarbonisation Alliance was launched in Leipzig at the International Transport Forum. Sort of like the Avengers for environmentally-friendly transport, the TDA consists of nations like France, Finland, Costa Rica, Brazil and the Netherlands and global leaders like French president Macron, plus corporate powerhouse like Michelin, Binacional, CEiiA and EDP. It’s goal? Saving earth (of course) by aiming at achieving net-zero carbon emissions in transport by 2050. Nice.

Greenpeace Germany also conducted a report recently, ranking 13 different European cities’ mobility infrastructures in terms of not only efficiency, but sustainability and lack of air pollution too. It showed that Germany is not alone in being awesome at transport – it’s top three cities weren’t even in Deutschland but were Scandi Oslo and Copenhagen and Switzerland’s Zurich.

… But who cares? Why are we telling you about some random country and continent far away, when Africa and South Africa has enough of its own problems, not to mention awesome solutions?

Because innovation and progress happen when we look outside of ourselves. GoMetro is mastering the rideshare here on African soil, with several exciting developments in the pipeline (stay tuned!) and with our recently released GoMetro Pro app already changing the view informal transport works globally. And when we look at what the rest of the world is doing, it inspires us to be even better, try even harder and dare at innovation even more audaciously. So, go Germany, and we’ll see you in the Winner’s Circle!

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