Make our roads safer – stop and curb unsafe driving and travel processes

A horrific traffic accident on the N12 near Alberton on last Tuesday served as a reminder of just how dangerous South Africa’s roads can be. So far, four people have died as a result of the fatal crash and authorities are now investigating the owners of the truck that caused the 47-car pile-up.

But there have been many other horror stories from South Africa’s roads, and last year South Africa was ranked the worst country in the global study on road safety.

There is predictable outrage about road deaths during Easter and the festive season each year – last year 1 376 people died during the festive season alone – but little political will to address the factors that contribute to these deaths.

But the numbers do not actually differ greatly month to month – about 40 people die on South Africa’s roads each day, putting the annual road death told over 14 000 each year. It also costs the economy R300-billion each year.
Yet despite the hair-raising statistics and increasing awareness of the extent of the countries road deaths and injuries, road safety remains low on government and citizens’ list of priorities.

One doesn’t have to look back very far to find the previous “most deadly” road accident in SA; such horror crashes occur with frightening regularity.
Here are five major traffic accidents that shocked South Africa, and then faded from memory. They are a disturbing reminder of how we have become inured to the daily carnage on our roads.

Road accidents are destroying our nation and something radical needs to be done to turn
the situation around.Our people are killed on roads due to irresponsible acts of fellow users, this senseless killings can be avoided if we all behave as responsible law abiding citizens.Losing innocent souls due to car accident it is one  traumatising part.

“This week a total of forty four (44) vehicles – eight of which overturned – and five pedestrians were involved in twenty-five (25) accidents across Gauteng Province. These accidents resulted in two fatalities, eight serious injuries and eighteen (18) minor injuries, while eleven (11) people were lucky to get away unscathed. Drunk and reckless driving has become a serious problem on our roads and poses an unfair danger to other motorists. Traffic Services will continue to conduct its roadblock operations in the hopes of curbing this trend,” said Media Spokesperson Mr Mothegwa Sello.

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