Kick off your 2017 by saving money and time with GoMetro App

If you are planning to get on top of your saving in 2017 or you are just hoping to be more financially responsible this year, a few changes to daily routines can bring a difference in achieving your goals – GoMetro has a few tips in helping you save money, and most importantly – your time.

If you were to ask anyone about their new years’ resolutions, you would find a common wish is to save money – perhaps you want to save for a big purchase like a new home, education, or a holiday, but do you ever get to attain those goals when the year ends or are we just being ambitious or unrealistic?

Here is why we fail to achieve our savings goals, many people set new years’ resolutions before reviewing their past year’s performance. It is crucial to evaluate how you have utilised time and money in the previous year, because it helps to measure and strategize for the next 365 days.

Start saving money and time by considering to use public transport, particularly trains! Start with as little to set one goal at a time, try taking Metrorail train at least once or twice in a week until you have figured out the system, sooner you will adapt and realise the amount of time and money you are saving and other benefits of Metrorail. Metrorail service have become advanced than ever before with GoMetro’s mobile app. GoMetro will provide you with the latest PRASA schedules and updates for Metrorail in Cape Town, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape.

Commuter’s experience is never the same with GoMetro app, users can now get live schedule and updates about their trains. Be smart with your GoMetro app and save time to purchase return, weekly/monthly tickets because they are particularly cheaper than single ride tickets, this will encourage you to use trains more often. Check your route-maps on GoMetro app for your journey to know what to expect. The app allows you to calculate distance and time of your destination by simply adding your “start” and “end” point of your destination.

If you decide to use your car to get to the station, Metrorail provides free parking for commuters who purchase Metrorail Business Express tickets.

Download GoMetro for iPhone from the Apple Store, and Android devices, you can GoMetro app from the Google Play Store.  Alternatively, the USSD service is accessible from any cellphone, users do not need to have a smart phone, simply dial *120*4668# to receive all transport information you need.

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