Introducing GoMetro API, SA’s largest public transport database

GoMetro announced that they will be releasing all the public transport data that have been collected across the country and abroad – now introducing: GoMetro API, South Africa’s first comprehensible public transport data.

On Wednesday 15 Feb – GoMetro’s CEO, Justin Coetzee announced that GoMetro will be releasing the data that has been collected in the last 3 years. The announcement was made during the Africa Transport Forum held at Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg. Mr Coetzee mentioned that this will be the biggest transport database in South Africa, that is 384,000 km of transport data – and it is anticipated to reach 1 000 000 km by the end of the year. The collected data is from various modes of transport, such as rail, taxis, bus and traffic.

According to Justin Coetzee, the new GoMetro API will have transport-related data for every city and town in South Africa; this will amount to over 230 municipalities. The aim for the release of the data is to assist cities to create their own solutions with the GoMetro API – towards changing the way in which we all move.




The GoMetro API will assist you in journey planning, timetables, stop coordinates, historic updates, fares and spatial data. See more about GoMetro API here: API – GoMetro Transport App

The data featured on the GoMetro API was collected from various cities across Africa including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Ekhurhuleni, Durban, Rustenburg, Mbombela, Umtata and Kampala. The API also supports data from abroad, including places like Perth, Melbourne, Wellington, Sydney, Christchurch and more.

The GoMetro Routing API is a web service that responds to journey planning requests with itineraries in a JSON or XML representation. Users can plan multi-modal walking, wheelchair, bicycle, transit trips and take travel time, road type, safety, and elevation into account, see more here: GoMetro Routing API




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