How to use GoMetro App for first-time users

You can not know the importance of something if you don’t know how to use it, we would like to help commuters to understand GoMetro App better. GoMetro App, a mobility app designed by GoMetro with intentions of improving the way people move, having access to real-time information about public transport, mainly, trains.

Below is an explanation of how to use the GoMetro App, how to register yourself as a new user, how to use “email-your-boss” which is one of the features you find in the app and how to check your line updates.

This is GoMetro home screen:

This is GoMetro home screen

First step is to download and install the app into your mobile phone. You can download the app from Google Play Store for Android phone users, and from Apple Store for iOS devices. Once the app is downloaded successfully, you will be able to register yourself as GoMetro user. You can ask someone from GoMetro to help you register or you can register yourself. Go to the GoMetro app home screen, the last icon that appears at the bottom on the right, with a “person-like” icon for  “Profile”, click on that icon and the profile screen will appear with an option to login or sign up. Click sign up and enter your details; names, email address, cellphone number, and click register. After all the details are filled in, a pop-up message will appear, informing you that your registration is successful.

This screen appears when you are registering:

This is the screen you get for registering

Once you are registered you can access “line updates” and other features of the app. To get your line updates, in your GoMetro app home screen you scroll down and you will see a button “line updates”, click on it. Choose your province e.g Gauteng or Western Cape, and then the updates available in your province will appear. In line updates you have an opportunity to tell us if your train is moving or there is no movement by using “ It’s a go” and “It’s a no go” buttons. You can also search about your transport – in the home screen you will get an option that allows you to put in your starting point and then enter in your destination. This one allows you to check your train times, route, and fare. GoMetro App also informs you on how long it is going to take for you to get your destination using your selected transport mode.

“Using Email-your-Boss” feature

Using Email-your-Boss option

This option is only available to registered individuals. When you want GoMetro to alert your boss that you are running late because your train was faulty, no-show or stuck, you click on the “Email-your-Boss” button and the screen above will appear for you to put in the required details. When you done with entering all the required details, you click submit, confirmation on to send the email to your boss will appear, you can click yes for confirmation or cancel. This email stands as a proof to your boss that indeed you were using a train and delayed.

It is easy to use the GoMetro App soon as you start. Start using GoMetro App today and register to make your journey’s easier and enjoyable.

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