Guide to using GoMetro services on weekends

Are you planning a trip over the weekend? GoMetro continues to be the best, reliable, convenient and easily accessible source of transit traffic updates with real-time information.

GoMetro allows you to plan a journey, using the map, also helps you calculate the kilometers you will travel and the fares you will pay using Metrorail trains.

Train services are reduced during the weekend because of limited people who uses them during the time, however, GoMetro continues to give 24/7 information about routes, traffic, delays to anticipate during their journeys. You are enabled to save a journey in case you plan the trip for the near future.

GoMetro Plan A Trip

GoMetro on weekends:
Commuters in Western Cape continue to get real-time train updates on GoMetro mobisite and app, and Gauteng commuters can find the train schedules anytime. By simply selecting the region you want to get information for.

GoMetro’s Email-Your-Boss available on weekends:

GoMetro's Email Your Boss feature

GoMetro’s Email Your Boss feature

If you are working on weekends, GoMetro continues to cater to your work, with the ‘Email Your Boss’ feature. If you are running late, GoMetro can send an email on your behalf to your boss, to inform them about your delays. Simply by adding their email address and the route you are using to get to work. This is a once of service, an email is sent at your request and your boss will not receive daily updates about the routes or delays if you do not permit GoMetro app to send out the information.GoMetro Email Your Boss

Give GoMetro Feedback
GoMetro users are also enabled to give feedback on live updates, by commenting, suggesting or adding information to the updates. You can do so by signing up and having a GoMetro account, or do it anonymously.

Go No Go feature - GoMetro

You can also give a thumbs up or down for stations you are accessing, if you are happy with stations services and the environment is conducive for the rail service, you can give it a thumbs up. If you are unsatisfied with any service from the station, you can give it a “thumbs down”, this will appear on the ‘Gos No Gos’ section, for other commuters to see.

Metrorail’s’ trains schedule
Commuters have access to the GoMetro app to check their train schedule on weekends, in which corridors. There are trains which are operating only on weekends for commuters’ convenience.

Metrorail expands some of its services during the weekend to meet commuters needs, these corridors in Gauteng are opened on weekends only:

    • Hercules – Pretoria, and back
    • Belle Ombre -De Wildt, and back
    • Hercules – Koedoespoort, and back.

The picture below shows the trains schedule for available/not available on weekdays and weekends:

Metrorail weekday weekend trains schedule - GoMetro

Picture: Metrorail

You can access the PDFs documents on the Metrorail’s website, for full schedules on which days and times do the trains operate.

To access live train updates on weekdays and weekends, you can visit


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