GoMetro’s next stop – Milton Keynes

GoMetro has already been having a blast in London in terms of presence in England, but now we have an exciting new place to make better – Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes is a place almost no one outside of the UK has heard of – but they will. In less than 50 years, it has gone from being a sleepy village down the road from Oxford to being considered for Europe’s 2019 title of ‘Culture Capital of Europe’, the first city in the UK to test driverless cars on its public road network and named ‘Britain’s Silicon Valley’ by the government.

It’s also home to the UK government transport lab – Transport Systems Catapult –  is redefining the way we will move in the city of the future – and a South African technology company is about to help the city do it. Us.


The above picture shows just how far Milton Keynes has come in such a short time, and the IM Accelerator will help it go even further, faster.

GoMetro is one of six startups chosen from across the UK, and over a 12-month period the IM Accelerator will assist GoMetro with its market entry into the UK transport supply chain from its home base in Cape Town, South Africa. The Intelligent Mobility (IM) Accelerator is a partnership in the UK between Transport Systems Catapult and Wayra UK to boost high-growth startups in the mobility sector. Some of the incredible benefits available to GoMetro are access to a diverse investor network in the UK, the UK’s Intelligent Mobility hub, dedicated masterclasses from leaders of the biggest transport operators and suppliers in the UK and personal mentors to assist with solving problems startups face in transferring business models into new territories. Over and above, GoMetro will enjoy an affiliation partnership (through Wayra) with the global telecommunications giant, Telefonica SA, and locally through their UK brand O2.

This is another amazing feather in GoMetro’s cap in Europe, after being chosen as the data analytics platform for the implementation of the Paris Mobility Hub by SNCF at the iconic Gare D’est L’est station in Paris and opening an office in London headed by industry veteran Gary Morgan. Then, GoMetro was selected earlier this year as one of Africa’s most promising startups for the Google PitchDrive tour. Pitching and networking with Europe’s most influential venture capitalists and innovators all over the continent, it was at Google campus that GoMetro met the Intelligent Mobility Accelerator dream team of Wayra and the Transport Catapult.

“Winning a seat on the Intelligent Mobility programme is an accolade in itself, reaffirms what we believe and that we can bring flexibility to the Intelligent Mobility landscape.,” said GoMetro’s country manager for the UK, Gary Morgan. “This accelerator will reduce the time it takes to get to the Intelligent Mobility future we talk about, and we are eager to add our twist of “flx” to the Mobility-as-a-Service sector.”

CEO and founder of GoMetro, Justin Coetzee, sees the Intelligent Mobility Accelerator as the rocket fuel the company needs to bring it’s vision of “flx”, or Flexible Mobility, to one of the biggest and most attractive mobility markets. “When we chose the UK as the first market that we would aim to enter, it was because the UK has a lot of similarities with our home market of South Africa – terrible congestion due to high levels of car ownership and usage, public transport ridership that is dropping every year and a tech-savvy and mobile-phone oriented market ready for a paradigm shift. Being accepted to the IM Accelerator, and becoming a partner of Wayra, Transport Catapult, Network Rail and ThoughtWorks validates our product-market fit. ”


The global transport systems market is currently worth £900 billion according to Transport Systems Catapult CEO Paul Campion. “Transport is currently going through a revolutionary period driven by digital, connected and autonomous technology. The IM Accelerator will support and de-risk start-up and early growth companies as they create breakthroughs in transport technology. There are no other accelerators in the UK which cover the full range of potential Intelligent Mobility solutions, and we hope to give these businesses a doorway into this global market,” he said.

“Transport is an area where data-driven tech solutions are already making a huge difference to the lives of billions. Through this innovative programme, we hope to support the development of the next generation of transport systems breakthroughs,” Gary Stewart, Director of Wayra in the UK, added.

GoMetro is the area’s first South African company to join in the trend that is shaping the future of urban mobility and the automotive sector. “We are confident and ready to meet and exceed the challenge,” Morgan said.

Of course you are. Great job, GoMetro team! What a way to end the year!

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