GoMetro’s guidelines for the first time train users

Riding train for the first time? Welcome aboard. We have useful tips and information for travelers like you to make your first rail journey as enjoyable as possible. Don’t forget to share your train travel experience with us afterwards.


  • Stand back from the platform edge while waiting for your train.
  • Wait for exiting passengers to leave before boarding.
  • Watch out for the gap between the platform and the train.
  • Once inside, take a seat if possible.


  • Use the handrails for stability if standing or around the train car.
  • Keep your belongings out of the aisles and close to you.
  • Don’t lean on the train doors and keep hands out of the entry way.
  • Use overhead maps to help find stops.
  • Never ride your bike or skateboard inside a train or on the platform.


  • Gas powered vehicles are not permitted on station platforms and trains.
  • Be ready to exit when your stop is approaching.
  • Be sure to take all your belongings with you.
  • Watch your steps as you exit the train.


  • Never run for the train.
  • Never play on or near train tracks.
  • Always look both ways and listen before you cross the train tracks.
  • Never use the train tracks as a shortcut to the platforms.


  • Never run red lights.
  • Never jaywalk across the train tracks.

GoMetro offers live updates where you can see all your train updates, if they are on time, late or cancelled, you can visit our website which is www.gometro.co.za.  You can also download the App on your phone from Google Play Store. If you not using a smartphone you can use our USSD number which is *120*4668#

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