GoMetro TV – Saving the Environment by Connecting Buildings to Sustainable Transport

Have you ever missed an important meeting or even a flight because of traffic? Have you ever found yourself receiving warnings because you are late for work? What if you had only known to leave sooner and given yourself more time. There is a solution coming to the office lobbies, hotels, and convention centres near you. We are introducing a new transport innovation  to improve people’s everyday routine. We are introducing a new device called GoMetro TV.

GoMetro is a new technology company that wants to improve the way we move by providing travellers with various options to choose from and presenting all relevant travel information to commuters. It is designed to be used in hotels, public spaces and in office receptions. GoMetro TV device works by being connected to a TV and streaming traffic and transport information for building users to see. You provide the TV and WIFI network and GoMetro provides a small HDMI device that connects to the GoMetro information service. As soon as you connect this device  to the TV and connect it to WiFi, GoMetro TV streams traffic and transport data to the TV’s location.

The Traffic Screen is intended to show building users how bad traffic is in the immediate vicinity so that they either reconsider undertaking their journey right now or they consider using a different mode of transport to accomplish the journey. Very often, public transport using a separate way ( like Metrorail from Century City to Brackenfell) is as fast as a private car in traffic conditions, but users have not considered that as a viable option. Certainly, the Gautrain will almost always beat a car travelling from Pretoria to Johannesburg in the morning.

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The content will include road speed, incidents in the area, queue-lengths and other traffic data we collect around the building. The size and scale of the city around the site will determine the traffic view applicable, whether it is local only or also encompasses the greater urban area. Real-time travel times to nearby popular destinations in the city can also be shown at the fringes of the screen to provide more information to aid travel decisions. The perfect places for a GoMetro TV are office lobbies, Airports, Convention centres, Hotels, Hospitals, Universities and Schools.

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GoMetro TV utilisation can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing car usage. The TV shows you exactly how much CO2 a particular trip will consume. So it will make a driver think twice about using their own cars when they realise that they produce up to 2 tonnes of CO2 a year. GoMetro TV promotes ride-sharing  by co-workers which  reduces traffic on the road, saves people money and sharing of transport can reduce greenhouse gas. It also provides additional information services such as weather updates, news headlines, stock performance, sports headlines and users can add their own corporate content – all through an easy-to-use web interface.

GoMetro TV is providing people with the information they need in their convenient time. Companies can place their own brand on the TV and show that they take sustainable transport seriously. Companies can even earn advertising revenue from video advertisement streaming in-between traffic screens. Managers can even use it as a notice screen where they put important messages, meetings updates and as a reminder channel.

You plug GoMetro TV device into the HDMI port of the TV and it starts streaming traffic and transport information using the facility as the central trip point. It provides all transport options such as private cars, public transport and metered services. It provides information about traffic incidents, fuel usage and CO2 emission. It also provides options to choose from such as Metrorail, MyCiti, Golden Arrow, Minibus- taxis, metered services, bike route and even for walking. The screen also shows the nearest Uber locations and compares the private use with a ride-sharing option. It cycles through various major destinations in the area and shows viewers how long it will take to get to each destination by car, by cab, and by public transport.

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GoMetro is offering two types of pricing packages for GoMetro TV. Professional package and Premium package. Professional package offers 50/ 50 advertising revenue. Professional package is R1499 monthly licence. Premium package do not have adverts,it’s only corporate message. Premium package is R2499 monthly licence. All rates are dependent on a 12 months contract. This device has 12 months warranty.

GoMetro is expanding their products and services. We are continuing to come up with innovative solutions for transport users. This device is one of our products that are bringing change not only in commuters, but also to transport industry and even drivers. This device will reach even people who are less fortunate because it is accessible in public spaces such as Home Affairs and public hospitals. We are striving to “Improve the Way we Move” through our products and services.
For more information about GoMetro products and services you can visit this website www.getgometro.com

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