GoMetro introduces the first Flexible Mobility Platform for University of Pretoria students to make traveling with buses easier

GoMetro has launched its first students’ flexible mobility app, GoTUKS, along with GoMetro LIVE for bus drivers to make traveling with UP buses easier and quicker.

Before GoMetro and the University of Pretoria started working together, students did not have access to a relevant commuter’s experience. They would often queue at the bus stops, not knowing where the bus is, as the bus would be stuck in Pretoria peak-hour traffic. The University of Pretoria’s (UP) management wanted to help Tukkies students with their transport services. GoMetro’s team came to the rescue with the newly developed GoTuks App, a Flexible Mobility Platform for UP’s students and GoMetro LIVE for their bus drivers. These apps come along with these services; On-time display, Bus tracking, Passenger reporting and Traffic Alerts.

GoMetro services

Combining a Driver-side App for real-time tracking with a Student-side App for real-time information is what GoMetro has termed a Flexible Mobility Platform. This can be seen below in the diagram. GoMetro and Tuks plan to incorporate more services into this Structure, including on-board surveys and passenger number estimation – as well as public transport integrations and mobile ticketing.

Now, students will know the whereabouts of the busses, the times they will arrive at the bus stops and time of departure, with maps of how the bus will travel. The GoTuks App will allow students to report or give feedback on trips they take with the university’s buses – identifying problem areas in the service delivery or poor customer experiences. In addition, the app has a panic button in it which will alert Security to a distress call issued from the app – sending University Security to the precise location of a student in trouble.

GoTUKS and GoMetro LIVE will create a space for communication between students who are using the campus busses to get from their residences to their campuses and back again. The platform also integrates Hatfield Campus with the other campuses of the University – including Mamelodi Campus. GoMetro is proud to see its technology helping to bridge the gap between different cultural and racial groups in the Capital City.

Tukkies bus drivers are now equipped with using GoMetro LIVE as to signal their arrival and departure times and locations of their busses. The GoMetro LIVE app will also allow bus drivers to report on the statuses of the bus, when they are full, empty, delayed or cancelled. Drivers receive ongoing training and driving tips by means of the app – and late-coming has significantly reduced.

GoMetro LIVE

What the GoTUKS app provides students who need shuttles/busses schedule times. Students now have real-time updates on the whereabout of their buses at a click of the button. GoTUKS app will also indicate the nearby bus as soon as they use the app, this will help accommodate new students, who are not familiar with bus routes.

GoMetro App has helped launch the first flexible mobility platform for both students and their bus drivers, to curb long queues, by providing technology based system for Tukkies students and drivers. This will also avoid new students from getting lost around the bus stops and taking wrong routes. GoMetro will help better the Tukkies students and bus drivers with smarter bus experience with the technology enabled system.

GoMetro Tuks is available for download here: Google Play Store.

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