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Transport systems in emerging markets lack co-ordination and order. In the informal transport market, there is a lack of schedules and way-finding directions. Passengers don’t have access to visible operational plans of routes and stops. Users now also expect to receive real-time tracking information and even on-demand dispatching.

GoMetro is working hard to improve the way cities move. We are creating user-oriented technologies that will improve transport systems around the world. GoMetro provides a flexible mobility platform that facilitates the three dimensions of transport systems:

Information. Transacting. Fulfillment.

Our platform of transport technologies makes more personal and user-oriented transport services possible. Cities get smarter, operators are more profitable and travellers get a better experience. Our analytics software helps urban planners understand chaotic transport networks and system. We have mapped Cape Town, Mbombela, Kampala and other African cities. Better data means better plans for a closer alignment between supply and demand. Delivering personalized transport information and enabling transactions through mobile phone has the potential to improve the traveller experience – and GoMetro is at the centre of it.

Our flexible mobility platform is being championed at the University of Pretoria. Each University shuttle has a tablet running GoMetro Go – our on-demand driver and ticketing app gives drivers the ability to stream their location and deliver traveller services direct to riders on the bus. GoMetro Go generates a ton of data that GoMetro Pro, our Big Data engine, consumes and spits out as reports for management to understand how well the system is working. Students can see where the University shuttles are in real-time by downloading the GoTuks mobile app or by looking at the nearest GoMetro TV – both of which stream real-time transport information.

Students can also report infrastructure that is in need of repair, or one-tap dial Security Services if they feel unsafe – providing more than just transport services.
What works at a small scale for 20,000 students and 10 stations and stops can scale and work for a city of 2,5 million and 1000 stations and stops. As cities grow, they are going to need a flexible mobility platform to service their mobility needs. GoMetro is a flexible mobility platform driving information, transactions and fulfilment – and will be working with cities across Africa, Asia and the Middle East in the next few years to Improve the Way we Move.

For more information about the GoMetro flexible mobility platform you can visit www.getgometro.com

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