GoMetro celebrates Transport month by catering more services to public transport users

Since 2005, South Africa annually notes October as Transport Month. South African government is taking part in making sure that people are safe on the roads and remain responsible for the safety for all, GoMetro focuses on giving the people information as it happens, with our wide range of services.

On the first of every October, the Minister of Transport addresses the nation about all the issues that are faced in the transport industry. This year the theme was “ Together we move South Africa forward”. It is noted that the Transport industry is focused on job creation, poverty eradication, the safety of all users of the different modes of transport, and skills development.

GoMetro is one of the companies within the transport industry that put the interest of transport users first. GoMetro is creating user-oriented, smart mobility platforms that improve the transport industry. Time is changing, so is technology. GoMetro is working hard to make sure that we introduce technology tools that have the potential to improve the way people move.

GoMetro has launched GoMetro PRO, an urban mapping tool for cities, GoMetro Traffic which enables drivers to choose best routes to avoid traffic jams, GoMetro TV for live streaming transport, the University of Pretoria’s first flexible mobility app – GoMetro TUKS.

Our platform of technology makes more personal and user-oriented transport services possible. Cities get smarter, operators are more profitable and travelers get a better experience.  GoMetro app and GoMetro PRO helps urban planners understand chaotic transport networks and systems. Currently, we have mapped Cape Town, Mbombela, Kampala, and other African cities to provide best data for better planning for a closer alignment between supply and demand. Delivering personalized transport information and enabling transactions through mobile phone has the potential to improve the traveler’s experience and GoMetro is at the centre of it.

GoMetro USSD

Commuters can rely on GoMetro for real-time updates. We offer different services people can choose from. To mention a few, GoMetro has USSD services which do not require any internet connection or smartphone in order to receive updates from your preferred corridor. You can use any phone to access it. We also have ‘Email-your-Boss’ feature, to help you when traveling to work and it happens that trains you are using are delaying and you are running late for work.

GoMetro's Email Your Boss feature

GoMetro’s Email Your Boss feature

Train services are reduced during the weekends because of limited people who uses them during the time, however, GoMetro continues to reach out to those people who uses train during the weekends. They can get information about the routes, traffic, delays to anticipate during their journey. You are enabled to save a journey in case you plan the trip for the near future.

GoMetro Plan A Trip

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