GoMetro aims to be the solution in commuters experience through live updates

The digital age has revolutionised how we consume information and GoMetro aims to make the experience of traveling even better with live updates, from trains, traffic, occupations and accidents on rails.

Gone are the days of relying only on trains schedules, Metrorail trains commuters now have access to live updates on trains they wish to travel with.

Understanding South Africa’s past in transit transport is increasingly critical as we switch to more rapid rail in global society. Railway stations are frequently used as the hub of public and business life, social rendezvous for arriving and departing commuters and a centre of collection and delivery for business associates and the public.

South African rail industry has developed immensely due to industrialisation, urbanisation and economic development. Digital approaches to public transport have also developed significantly over the recent years after a comprehensive research was conducted by the National Household Travel Survey (StatsSA, 2013) about education, household, work-related and general travel patterns. Gauteng appears to be a highly populated province in crisis and need for awareness of the benefits of public transport that is reliable, safe and effective and GoMetro aims to be the solution.

CEO of GoMetro, Justin Coetzee have realised the need to evaluate and measure the accessibility of Metrorail service. After years of gathering substantial, adequate research about Metrorail and different commuters perceptions – a pivotal digital communication channel came into attention for the company. A space for commuters to gather information they need, anytime and anywhere, via GoMetroApp, GoMetro TV and GoMetro PRO and the newly launched app for the University of Pretoria students, GoMetro TUKS.

GoMetro’s Justin Coetzee implemented a flexible mobility platform designed to improve urban commuting using digital tools for planners, operators, managers and commuters.

Before GoMetro, Metrorail commuters were informed about train changes such as schedules, delays and other incidents via announcements made at the stations, Metrorail Facebook and Twitter page, SMS and on radio stations. However, these platforms could not reach the commuters fast hence they required data and were not instantaneous to commuter expectation.

In 2016, GoMetro brings to life in a modern, digital South Africa, accessible to new and wider markets and specifically focusing on relevance to commuters and other users of modern digital technology.

Commuter experience will never be the same with GoMetro’s innovative transit application system available with better information, better service, closer-to-home. Today, commuters in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Western Cape province can receive real-time train updates using the smart GoMetro mobi-site or the use of USSD to find out about PRASA’s train schedules and updates by dialling *120*4668#. The USSD service is accessible even if the user does not use a smartphone, any cell phone with airtime can be used to access the information. While the mobi-site allows users to plan their journey ahead by checking train times, fares, delays and availability of commuter’s train from start to stop station. The mobi-site enables the user to select an option of ‘Email my boss’, it allows commuters to inform their employers about their delays.

Now, GoMetro is planning on giving commuters an option to purchase their tickets online. Coetzee believes that the digital age would not be where it is to date if it was not for such technologies. “We will continue to fulfil the needs and expectations of commuters, operators and managers in a reliable, smart mobility way,” says Coetzee.

Download the GoMetro app from Google Play Store here.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android mobile, you can also access it from your mobile phone here: http://m.gometro.co.za/

When using a desktop you can access it from here: www.gometroapp.com

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