Get ready to go Pro

Good morning GoMetropolitans!

It certainly is a good morning for GoMetro. On 15 May GoMetro will relaunch the GoMetro Pro app worldwide. It’s the final countdown to awesomeness, and we’re so excited! 

Now, this is not just a new app – it’s the first of its kind in the world, and has been designed to change the way ‘informal’ transport systems like minibus taxis work. Globally.

“The GoMetro Pro is now a self-service platform – so users can log in and build their own projects themselves,” says CEO and GoMetro founder Justin Coetzee.“There are no other apps similar to it – it’s the only app that collects transport data, including ridership, revenues and passenger data.”

The GoMetro Pro will be officially launched at a Transitec-sponsored event at the MEST incubator in Cape Town on the 15th and, with it, a revolution in how mobility is planned in developing cities the world over. 

This has profound implications – basically, an app has been developed that allows engineers and other parties direct access to transport data and interact with it meaningfully, eviscerating red tape and numerous costly expenses for governments that generally stand in the way of improving a transport system. Effectively, the two biggest problems informal or imperfect transport systems deal with: the cost of overhaul and the lack of data, are dealt with in one blow you can buy on the app store.

Even better, people worldwide will have access to this phenomenon. “The software will be available globally on day 1 – to be used in Africa, SE Asia, MENA, LatAm, Eastern Europe and anywhere where informal transport networks are the dominant form of transport,” promised Coetzee.

“This is the first example of a major project using an app to access software as a platform, where the engineers involved were mapping and doing data collection themselves,” Coetzee went on to say. “Other agencies can use it in their work in emerging markets, and emerging market cities can use it to manage and rationalize their network. Because the system works with the data that’s there on the ground, no matter how chaotic, you can turn any unscheduled, highly informal transport system in any country into one that’s scheduled, on-demand and thus convenient, and fully operational in real time. It may well be the great equaliser of public transport systems worldwide, lessening the gap between ‘developing’ and ‘developed’ with just one platform.”

There’s only one question left… Are you ready to go Pro?

Let us know what you think, and don’t forget to book your spot at the 15th launch. See you there!

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