Why flexible mobility is awesome for the planet

Perhaps one of the most sobering things we’ve taken out of the drought in Cape Town is that you simply can’t live your best life without nature living its best life too. In fact, out of respect for what Capetonian corporates are going through with water restrictions, we delayed our hotly anticipated Gometro Flx roll-out for a month.

For centuries we’ve put our own needs over our environment’s, but the green revolution has hit business and innovation in the past few years like never before. We’re happy to report that new flexible mobility solutions like GoMetro’s are right up there with contributing to our planet’s health.


Flexible mobility = less cars on the road 

GoMetro Flx, which launches soon in April, makes sure that employees living nearby one another can get company-supported transport to work, all in the same ride. This, plus several other innovations in the ridesharing space, are working to have less cars on the road, which will do more than just ease traffic congestion in the mornings. The emissions from car fumes alone have been proven to significantly affect the ozone layer – in the U.S.A. statistics blame nearly 30% of the country’s global warming on car emissions alone. And remember, there’s more than just exhaust fumes coming out of a car and damaging the environment. There’s hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and several carcinogenic gasses that have been linked to serious side effects in commuters from lightheadedness to strokes. Ridesharing means less cars on the roads, plain and simple. Less cars mean less pollution and less greenhouse gasses.

Mobility innovation is helping people go electric

The flexible mobility revolution goes hand-in-hand with another important innovation: electric cars entering the mainstream. Electric cars are far healthier for the environment, with zero harmful emissions, which is also healthier for us. And electric cars are no longer the slower moving, awkward-looking younger sister of ‘normal cars’. Just look at the BMW i3S and the new Aston Martin Lagonda.

Things are heating up with electric smart mobility in Europe, and look set to hear soon: Car2go, one of the most successful car rental disruptors on the planet, is passionately pro-electric. The company’s vehicles in three major European cities are exclusively electric, with more to follow. For a company that has a car rented every second on average, that’s going to add up. A 2015 study found that EV’s emit 50% less greenhouse gasses than diesel vehicles, so if every car on the road were electric, that’s potentially got the power to halve the greenhouse effect our planet is suffering. That’s powerful.


What do you think about flexible mobility? Would you go electric? Let us know – and stay tuned for our exciting new GoMetro Flx unveiling…

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