Five ways to walk the talk… to work

Last week we spoke about the benefits of walking to work (it’s a great post, though we say so ourselves, read it here) and probably had a lot of you thinking: ‘yeah but that’s just not feasible for my lifestyle’.

Well, because lifestyles vary but also because literally everyone benefits from a little exercise in the ol’ work commute, we’ve rounded up some practical ways and tips to incorporate this into your lifestyle:

If you work in a big office space or office park – Park in the farthest parking from the entrance you need to use to get to work. This is less effective but, if you must drive to work and home, this will still get you a little of the benefits. Bonus: take the stairs instead of the lift. Bonus bonus: talk to a shop or other business down the road and negotiate a parking there so you can walk up the road to work.

If you stay within a 5km radius of work – You can walk or cycle to work. Doesn’t matter if you’re unfit, if you hate exercise, or whatever. Just try it a couple of times, and leave extra early on those days. If you’re nervous about crime, stats show that most crime happens from midday onwards until about 8pm (hey, maybe criminals need their beauty sleep) so put a pepper spray in your bag and get a lift home with a colleague after work.

If you have a colleague that stays near you – Walk to that colleague’s house in the morning and get a lift in. You may not even know all your colleagues or where they live, so ask around. This one has a lot of benefits – not only are you getting the exercise benefit, but you’re also developing more meaningful bonds with someone in your office space, another thing proven to reduce work-related stress.

If you take the train – Get off one stop early, or late. Chances are that if you’re doing this, you’ve already got some walking in your life – good! Studies have proven that more exercise helps more to counteract stress, high blood pressure and unhealthy emotional responses to work. This is not feasible for all trains or all commuters, but just try it out once or twice – even that mix-up in routine can be like a breath of fresh air.

If you take a taxi – The same applies. Ask to be dropped one street early, or significantly down the road. Every but helps, but greater distances (that only take about ten minutes to walk) help far more.

A couple of tips, whatever way you try – Take a backpack with your work shoes in and wear running shoes when you walk or cycle. Put talc powder on your underarms liberally before leaving home and get the best roll-on you can afford and stick that in your backpack too. The key to making this work is to arrive at the office early.

And that’s it! Which method are you going to try, GoMetropolitan? Let us know how it goes and, as always, have an awesomely mobile week!

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