Five ways to walk the talk… to work

Last week we spoke about the benefits of walking to work (it’s a great post, though we say so ourselves, read it here) and probably had a lot of you thinking: ‘yeah but that’s just not feasible for my lifestyle’.

Well, because lifestyles vary but also because literally everyone benefits from a little exercise […]

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A healthier commute: benefits you haven’t thought of

We know the basic reasons that cycling or walking to work can benefit you, like lower cholesterol levels, saving the environment and being able to fit into your skinny jeans. But old habits die hard and for many the idea of including exercise into the commute sounds inconvenient, late-making and sweaty. Yet these downsides […]

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Behold the Pro… and get ready to party

Today is not just any Tuesday. Today is something of a milestone, not just for GoMetro, but for how public transport works all over the world.

You know those years-long transport initiatives by the government like the ones done for the 2010 soccer world cup? They tend to take billions of rands, months of expensive […]

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Let’s talk about multimodality

The European Commission has announced that 2018 is ‘the Year of Multimodality’ recently, prompting a whole bunch of people to say ‘what the heck is multimodality?’

Multimodality is a very cool thing, actually, so we thought we’d devote our Monday blog post this week to talking about what it is and why SA needs more […]

The things that really matter

February is the month of love, and there’s nothing like love in the air to make you think about what really matters. At GoMetro, we’re excited about trends as much as the next startup, but there are some things that matter no matter what month it is. When trends come to meet the important […]

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Mission possible: put away parking lots

Recently, GoMetro was lucky enough to be featured in Real Estate Investor magazine for some of our pioneering ideas on better traffic and quality of life with less, not more, parking spaces.

It’s as the Counting Crows said it: you pave paradise, and put up a parking lot. But there’s another […]

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GoMetro team picks: the best weekend vibes in Cape Town

On Monday mornings, the weekend seems very far away… But that’s exactly when you need your weekend vibes on.

Cheer up, Cape Town is the best place on earth to be in the warmer months. With long days of sun, phenomenal wine, people from around the world and gorgeous sunsets that start long after you’re […]