The things that really matter

February is the month of love, and there’s nothing like love in the air to make you think about what really matters. At GoMetro, we’re excited about trends as much as the next startup, but there are some things that matter no matter what month it is. When trends come to meet the important […]

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Are we en route to even more fuel taxes?

Good morning GoMetropolitans, and congratulations on getting through the first month of 2018.

This week sees the beginning of February, also known as Budget Speech Month to us South Africans. There are plenty of people watching Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba with baited breath to see what budget he will bring – and many people are watching […]

Africa’s MaaS market

Good morning GoMetropolitans!

Well, January’s almost over – but that means one of the most exciting months of the year for mobility is about to start… February is the time of  the ‘MaaS Market Concept to Delivery’ conference in London – the largest mobility conference in the world.

Thinking about MaaS Market taking place in Europe […]

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Why it pays to pay your staff to come to work

There’s an interesting dichotomy happening in employee benefits thinking lately. On the one hand people are terrified AI will mean thousands of humans will lose their jobs to machines and people labour will become unnecessary. On the other hand, skills shortages and the constantly shifting nature of remaining competitive in the digital age means […]

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Unexpected ups and downs of the two major mobility trends

The future holds two main trends for commuters: shared and/or flexible mobilty, and driverless vehicles.

Studies have shown that South Africans spend less time in their cars but more money on them than most first world countries, and have a stronger emotional attachment to them too. And so, not everyone in South Africa is crazy […]

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GoMetro team picks: the best weekend vibes in Cape Town

On Monday mornings, the weekend seems very far away… But that’s exactly when you need your weekend vibes on.

Cheer up, Cape Town is the best place on earth to be in the warmer months. With long days of sun, phenomenal wine, people from around the world and gorgeous sunsets that start long after you’re […]

Things you’ll only see on your commute in South Africa

Good and bad, there’s nowhere like South Africa… Here, some things you’ll only see on the roads if you’re in the rainbow nation:

People speeding. Especially Joburgers.

People doing all kinds of weird things in bakkies.

The occasional animal crossing…

… Or filling up.

Interesting vehicles, […]

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To Cape Town from Paris: a love letter


GoMetro’s Baptiste Boittiaux is a Frenchman in love with SA. Having lived in Paris most of his life, he was recently back in the City of Lights for the Google PitchDrive tour – a high-profile tour of Europe’s biggest cities and biggest investors with Africa’s finest innovators – and he couldn’t wait to get back […]

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Let’s talk about: cashless taxis

Guest post by freelance innovation journalist Katya Stead

Every country has its own ways, its unspoken survival codes that seem set in stone. One of South Africa’s is this: don’t sit in the front of the taxi if you can help it, because you’ll have to count the money.

But all that looks set to change – […]

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GoMetro takes on Europe with PitchDrive

We have just concluded an amazing business tour of Europe, thanks to Google and Co-Creation Hub in Nigeria.
On Monday 14 August, representatives from 14 African start-up companies set out for PitchDrive – a
whirlwind tour of London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich and Paris, in which we met some of the biggest investors
in the world.

PitchDrive was an innovation competition powered […]

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