Why GoMetro is the best way to reach public transport users

In a world where technology continues to take the centre stage and draws attention to potential consumers, it becomes impossible to overlook the incredible power of digital marketing tool for your products or services, that is the main reason why these two big brands in South Africa chose GoMetro mobile advertisement to market their products.

GoMetro […]

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Tritech Media acquires 20% in GoMetro

Tritech Media, the media technology innovator controlled by the Kirsh family, today announced the investment of a 20% holding in market-leading smart-mobility technology company GoMetro.

The balance of shares in GoMetro are held by 4Decades Capital (representing former Rand Merchant Bank CEO Mike Pfaff and Chief Investment Officer Derek Prout- Jones inter alia), AngelHub Ventures (representing […]

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GoMetro celebrates Transport month by catering more services to public transport users

Since 2005, South Africa annually notes October as Transport Month. South African government is taking part in making sure that people are safe on the roads and remain responsible for the safety for all, GoMetro focuses on giving the people information as it happens, with our wide range of services.

On the first of every October, […]

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GoMetro aims to be the solution in commuters experience through live updates

The digital age has revolutionised how we consume information and GoMetro aims to make the experience of traveling even better with live updates, from trains, traffic, occupations and accidents on rails.

Gone are the days of relying only on trains schedules, Metrorail trains commuters now have access to live updates on trains they wish to travel […]

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Guide to using GoMetro services on weekends

Are you planning a trip over the weekend? GoMetro continues to be the best, reliable, convenient and easily accessible source of transit traffic updates with real-time information.

GoMetro allows you to plan a journey, using the map, also helps you calculate the kilometers you will travel and the fares you will pay using Metrorail trains.

Train services […]

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Train Safety – 10 rules commuters should know

Train Safety rules that transit commuters should abide by

These train safety rules are in practice to keep commuters safe, comfortable and protected, along with other commuters and their driver.

It is important for every transit commuter to closely adhere to these train safety rules. These rules are usually visible around stations. GoMetro has compiled 10 common rules, which a commuter […]

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GoMetro introduces the first Flexible Mobility Platform for University of Pretoria students to make traveling with buses easier

GoMetro has launched its first students’ flexible mobility app, GoTUKS, along with GoMetro LIVE for bus drivers to make traveling with UP buses easier and quicker.

Before GoMetro and the University of Pretoria started working together, students did not have access to a relevant commuter’s experience. They would often queue at the bus stops, not knowing […]

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Train Times Made Easy

Checking train times is as easy as checking your airtime – *120*4668#

GoMetro provides the technology to help you check your train times, anytime, anywhere. Improve the way you move with GoMetro USSD.

Commuters can use USSD to find out about their train times. Simply dial *120*4668# for the latest schedules, times and updates for PRASA Metrorail, […]

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Meet the man who wants to Improve the Way you Move, Justin Coetzee

Justin Coetzee is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the GoMetro (Pty) Ltd, a young South African company aimed at improving the way in which South Africans move, through better public transport experience by better information, better service and contribute to building a “born-free” business in South Africa through startups and […]

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Make our roads safer – stop and curb unsafe driving and travel processes

A horrific traffic accident on the N12 near Alberton on last Tuesday served as a reminder of just how dangerous South Africa’s roads can be. So far, four people have died as a result of the fatal crash and authorities are now investigating the owners of the truck that caused the 47-car pile-up.

But there have […]

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