GoMetro’s CEO on Tunisia

Good morning GoMetropolitans!

In the interest of our international kick lately, exploring all the far-away places GoMetro is helping to improve transport-wise, we bring you a post today on Tunisia direct from our CEO Justin Coetzee.

Why Tunisia? Smaller than SA, Tunisia and Tunis in particular share many of the same issues South African transport and […]

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Behold the Pro… and get ready to party

Today is not just any Tuesday. Today is something of a milestone, not just for GoMetro, but for how public transport works all over the world.

You know those years-long transport initiatives by the government like the ones done for the 2010 soccer world cup? They tend to take billions of rands, months of expensive […]

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Are you ready for April, GoMetropolitans?

April is going to be a good one for SA as far as innovation in mobility is concerned… All the public holidays don’t seem to be slowing us down one bit.

Get ready for flx

GoMetro is geared up and excited to launch GoMetro flx, our new ridesharing mobility solution, with the people of Cape Town […]

Why flexible mobility is awesome for the planet

Perhaps one of the most sobering things we’ve taken out of the drought in Cape Town is that you simply can’t live your best life without nature living its best life too. In fact, out of respect for what Capetonian corporates are going through with water restrictions, we delayed our hotly anticipated Gometro […]

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Africa’s MaaS market

Good morning GoMetropolitans!

Well, January’s almost over – but that means one of the most exciting months of the year for mobility is about to start… February is the time of  the ‘MaaS Market Concept to Delivery’ conference in London – the largest mobility conference in the world.

Thinking about MaaS Market taking place in Europe […]

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New Year’s resolution: be even more awesome

If you’re anything like us, you started the new year’s work last week this time, but today it starts for real. Schedules are filling up, meetings are doubling in size and life has started accelerating back out of holiday cruising speed. It can get really difficult to remember the New Year’s resolutions from little […]

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Mission possible: put away parking lots

Recently, GoMetro was lucky enough to be featured in Real Estate Investor magazine for some of our pioneering ideas on better traffic and quality of life with less, not more, parking spaces.

It’s as the Counting Crows said it: you pave paradise, and put up a parking lot. But there’s another […]

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