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Today is not just any Tuesday. Today is something of a milestone, not just for GoMetro, but for how public transport works all over the world.

You know those years-long transport initiatives by the government like the ones done for the 2010 soccer world cup? They tend to take billions of rands, months of expensive and painstaking research by some very foreign researchers (always for some reason from either Germany or Finland and a long time which usually makes traffic worse not better in the interim.

Well, there’s an app for that. As of today.

The 15th of May this year marks the relaunch of the mighty GoMetro Pro, the app that can overhaul informal public transport systems (and has been doing it for some time) in as little as a month using on-the-ground, real-time data without much more than the app and a smartphone.

“GoMetro Pro is now a self-service platform – so users can log in and build their own projects themselves,” says CEO and GoMetro founder Justin Coetzee. ​“There are no other apps similar to it – it’s the only app that collects transport data, including ridership, revenues and passenger data.”

Yes, you read that right – with GoMetro Pro anyone can improve public transport systems themselves.

To break it down a bit more, here are just some of things the GoMetro Pro can do:

  • Get real-life info on transport in real time The Pro is able to conduct basic mapping, explore geographic network extent, assess network speeds for infrastructure improvements, Fieldworker recruitment and management, meaning you can discover your city’s network as it operates on the ground. And when it changes, your data changes too, keeping you always relevant and up-to-date.
  • Keep things safe and secure with monitoring – For things like bus systems, this is really handy. Pro enables inspection, spot checks so you can compare the actual to the planned, Customer confirmation of service delivery, calibration of ticketing and tracking equipment and more. All this means assessment of quality to develop operational plans and considerations, reports and maps for world-class efficiency.
  • Predict revenue for drivers, even with unmapped vehicles For mini bus taxi or Uber drivers, Pro can measure and predict the number of riders so you can predict income, the distance driven so you can see how productive you are and more. Also, the software works predictively as a significant sample of the entire population, system revenue modelled for mapped and unmapped vehicles alike.
  • Get valuable passenger info for better customer service – GoMetro Pro has a Passenger App for information and real-time updates, Updater engine, API, mobile payments integration, complaints manager, user-tracking and polling for customer experience improvements.
  • Supercharge your results with a Developer API: All data can be directly exported into multiple formats for analysis by spreadsheet, GIS or mapping software, or alternatively provisioned as an API for 3rd-party development and more advanced integrations.
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So, to summarise, GoMetro Pro will create a wealth of data and the means to put it to use – not just for civil engineers or town planning authorities, but anyone who purchases the app. Also, by eviscerating the red tape and numerous costly expenses for governments that generally stand in the way of improving a transport system, it makes better public transport systems more attainable at a fraction of the traditional cost. For all.

Even better, people worldwide will have access immediately. “The software will be available globally from 15 May to be used by anyone who downloads the app, whether they are in Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America or anywhere else in the world where informal transport networks are dominant” promised Coetzee.

But does it work? Well, just ask Tunisia and Cape Town. Recently Transitec, together with France’s Agence Française de Développement, used GoMetro Pro to do onboard data collection in Tunisia for their transport systems. Comprehensive data was able to be harvested from 25 stations and more than 50 routes throughout the city, using GPS tracking and economical analysis, using qualitative interviews, cellphones, mappers and other technology to get authentic on-the-street information. Remember what we said about a month in the previous paragraph? Well, it’s true. Rollout and implementation of system improvements and upgrades were ready in just four short weeks, meaning that all that was required was police authorisation, and the Tunisian government had a new and improved way for busses to move in just a month. And Cape Town? The entire metropolitan area of the city of Cape Town was mapped by GoMetro over a year and it’s data on the city remains the most accurate in the world.

The best thing about all this is that everybody wins, and it’s a positive cycle for mobility and cities that just keeps getting better. Because better data management from something like the GoMetro Pro app leads to better regulation, which leads to better licensing and planning. This in turn leads to better operations and better passenger information available, which means better revenues and profits for the owners. Because the system works with the data that’s there on the ground, no matter how chaotic, you can turn any unscheduled, highly informal transport system in any country into one that’s scheduled, on-demand and thus convenient, and fully operational in real time. It may well be the great equaliser of public transport systems worldwide.

So, if you’re in the mood to celebrate good times (come on!), we will be launching the GoMetro Pro in style at a swanky Transitec-sponsored event at the MEST incubator in Cape Town.

And if you’re just interested in Pro, as well you should be? Contact us, we’ll make it happen.

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