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Causes of traffic congestion and how to avoid it

Traffic congestion causes chaos on the road and it is time-consuming. It makes it difficult for motorists and commuters to reach their destinations on time, this has an impact on the countries economy – some people get relieved from their duties due to unpunctuality, some are demoted, here are some of the main causes of […]

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How to use GoMetro App for first-time users

You can not know the importance of something if you don’t know how to use it, we would like to help commuters to understand GoMetro App better. GoMetro App, a mobility app designed by GoMetro with intentions of improving the way people move, having access to real-time information about public transport, mainly, trains.

Below is an […]

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Train Safety – 10 rules commuters should know

Train Safety rules that transit commuters should abide by

These train safety rules are in practice to keep commuters safe, comfortable and protected, along with other commuters and their driver.

It is important for every transit commuter to closely adhere to these train safety rules. These rules are usually visible around stations. GoMetro has compiled 10 common rules, which a commuter […]

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GoMetro TV – Saving the Environment by Connecting Buildings to Sustainable Transport

Have you ever missed an important meeting or even a flight because of traffic? Have you ever found yourself receiving warnings because you are late for work? What if you had only known to leave sooner and given yourself more time. There is a solution coming to the office lobbies, hotels, and convention centres near […]

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