Are you ready for April, GoMetropolitans?

April is going to be a good one for SA as far as innovation in mobility is concerned… All the public holidays don’t seem to be slowing us down one bit.

Get ready for flx

GoMetro is geared up and excited to launch GoMetro flx, our new ridesharing mobility solution, with the people of Cape Town in the coming month of April. Flx will kick off with the support of one of the country’s largest financial services providers, which is acting as GoMetro’s first pilot user for flx. Want to find out who? Stay tuned!

Our vision is to enable everyone living within 15 kilometres of a city centre to be able to rely on GoMetro for safe, convenient and reliable transport to and from work for less than the cost of both petrol and monthly staff parking. First in Cape Town, then beyond. We’re excited, and you should be too…

Go Gauteng!

But aside from us, another player looking very upwardly mobile is the province of Gauteng.

Earlier this month, Midrand hosted the Fourth Industrial Revolution Mobility Seminar, which saw   . One key highlight was undoubtedly the announcement of the all-new Gauteng On The Move app, which will not only consolidate information on various transport modes such as the Gautrain, Johannesburg and Pretoria city sightseeing buses, metrobuses and more, but will also provide real time traffic and destination information to all app users. Users will also, crucially, be able to plan a journey using various modes of transportation in a single app. Now that’s progress. Well done, Gauteng!

We’ve got competition here, SA

It’s just as well we’re getting a move on. As a country, we have a major contender in Rwanda these days.

During the first week of March, ‘Moving Rwanda’ kicked off in Kigali – a digital mobility concept championed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Its aim? Innovative city-wide car-sharing that makes use of electric cars in a way that is both environmentally friendly and streaks ahead in terms of efficiency in the way people move.

This comes after several other stunning achievements, including the launch of WiFi equipped public buses and Volkswagen choosing Rwanda for its new smart mobility concept as a first rollout point in Africa. And others are noticing. In fact, just a week ago, influential news site Caj News Africa announced that ‘Savvy Rwanda becomes Africa’s leading innovator’ in its headlines.

What are your thoughts on how we could make SA transportation better? Do our buses need free public WiFi? Let us know your thoughts and, as always, stay mobile…

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