Africa loves GoMetro!


Here at GoMetro, we love chatting to our friends at the press, like we’ve done quite a bit lately. It got us thinking that you fantastic GoMetropolitans may not know about all the awesomeness that is happening in GoMetro and in the rest of Africa. So this sunny Monday morning, we thought we’d fill you in.

Firstly, GoMetro is getting to know and love this amazing continent we call home even better! As we told the journalists at Ventureburn, we have been shortlisted for several projects in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda and Tanzania. Having already worked in Tunisia and other African countries (as well as in London and other parts of Europe) we are very excited about the opportunity to help shape the future of transportation on the continent many thought leaders are calling the place to be in 10 to 20 years’ time. Working in places like Nigeria and Tanzania is going to be a dream come true for us, and for Africa too.

Speaking of Tanzania, GoMetro was honoured to be invited recently to the 2018 Mobilize Dar Summit in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. It was an amazing conference with attendees from more than 60 cities and 30 countries, all talking together about how to accelerate and modernise Africa’s transportation systems. We had a great time and found several parties very interested in what we do, with plenty of requests for meetings with GoMetro following the summit, so watch this space!

But that’s not all – GoMetro has been working hard at home, and it’s getting noticed. Just two months after our industry-changing GoMetro Pro app was launched – which allows anyone with the app to change the way a transportation system moves for the better – we found ourselves at the 2018 i-Transport & UATP Go Green – Go Smart conference here in SA. Rubbing shoulders with Metcedes Benz, MaaS Africa and ITS Africa was enough, but we got nominated for an award too! GoMetro was shortlisted for the prestigious biennial ITS Award for Excellence along with Rea Vaya and Mobility Centre Africa. For a private startup business to be listed in the same category as a company like Rea Vaya with over 300 operators on their books and powerful owners like Putco – that was amazing for us. It proves our message behind the GoMetro Pro to be true – that anyone can make a difference, big or small. Thank you, Go Green – Go Smart!

That’s not all we’re up to, but those are some of the highlights. Phew, it gets us excited just reading this list! What are you up to today, GoMetropolitans? Any specific projects in Africa you would love for GoMetro to tackle? Let us know!

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