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We help you improve the way cities move

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Do you know where all your transport is in your city?

Do you want to measure and model the demand-to-supply balance of transport operations in a region?

Do you want to understand and develop systems revenue and system cost models using quantifiable and scalable data?

Do you want to turn unscheduled services into scheduled or on-demand services that run on dynamic or fixed route profiles?

Implement practical and pragmatic transport planning and management for all types of systems

  • GoMetro Pro is a self-service platform where users can log-in and build their own data collection projects by themselves.
  • GoMetro Pro is the only application that collects all the information you need to profile a route, a vehicle and a passenger at the same time on any transport network, providing unprecedented data on urban mobility.
  • GoMetro Pro is FASTER, BETTER and CHEAPER than your alternative data collection solutions. GoMetro helps you formalise informal transport by means of data and intelligence.

GoMetro Pro stats so far

21 654

Vehicles recorded

265 449

Pick-up points

537 788

Passengers recorded

R7 517 959.51

Revenue recorded

42 689

Trips recorded

7 003

Routes recorded

459 716.52 km


= 11.5 times around the world

16 757.71 hours

Vehicle travel

= 1.9 years

125 703.84 hours

Passenger travel

= 14.3 years

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