Mission possible: put away parking lots

Recently, GoMetro was lucky enough to be featured in Real Estate Investor magazine for some of our pioneering ideas on better traffic and quality of life with less, not more, parking spaces.

It’s as the Counting Crows said it: you pave paradise, and put up a parking lot. But there’s another […]

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GoMetro team picks: the best weekend vibes in Cape Town

On Monday mornings, the weekend seems very far away… But that’s exactly when you need your weekend vibes on.

Cheer up, Cape Town is the best place on earth to be in the warmer months. With long days of sun, phenomenal wine, people from around the world and gorgeous sunsets that start long after you’re […]

Things you’ll only see on your commute in South Africa

Good and bad, there’s nowhere like South Africa… Here, some things you’ll only see on the roads if you’re in the rainbow nation:

People speeding. Especially Joburgers.

People doing all kinds of weird things in bakkies.

The occasional animal crossing…

… Or filling up.

Interesting vehicles, […]

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