To Cape Town from Paris: a love letter


GoMetro’s Baptiste Boittiaux is a Frenchman in love with SA. Having lived in Paris most of his life, he was recently back in the City of Lights for the Google PitchDrive tour – a high-profile tour of Europe’s biggest cities and biggest investors with Africa’s finest innovators – and he couldn’t wait to get back […]

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Let’s talk about: cashless taxis

Guest post by freelance innovation journalist Katya Stead

Every country has its own ways, its unspoken survival codes that seem set in stone. One of South Africa’s is this: don’t sit in the front of the taxi if you can help it, because you’ll have to count the money.

But all that looks set to change – […]

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GoMetro takes on Europe with PitchDrive

We have just concluded an amazing business tour of Europe, thanks to Google and Co-Creation Hub in Nigeria.
On Monday 14 August, representatives from 14 African start-up companies set out for PitchDrive – a
whirlwind tour of London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich and Paris, in which we met some of the biggest investors
in the world.

PitchDrive was an innovation competition powered […]

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The future of public transport, according to GoMetro

Public transport just ain’t what it used to be. It now involves hailing choppers in Brazil, self-driving cabs in the US and taxi minibuses with digital paying systems in Johannesburg.

As public transport innovation and investment continues to heat up around the world, we look at some of the hot – and not hot – […]

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