Women participating in the rail sector

Women who participate in the rail sector – moving South Africa.

As Metrorail celebrates 60 years of inspiring women in the rail sector, GoMetro is commemorating this year’s women’s month under the national theme “Women united in moving South Africa forward.”

We therefore spoke to the Public Relations officer and Marketing and Communication manager Tintswalo Maswanganye of […]

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Train Safety – 10 rules commuters should know

Train Safety rules that transit commuters should abide by

These train safety rules are in practice to keep commuters safe, comfortable and protected, along with other commuters and their driver.

It is important for every transit commuter to closely adhere to these train safety rules. These rules are usually visible around stations. GoMetro has compiled 10 common rules, which a commuter […]

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Is your Transport Late? – Email Your Boss

Is your Transport Late again? We can help with Email Your Boss

Transport Late – We all know that feeling: You have an important event to go to, school exam or work. You arrive at the station 10 minutes before your transport is scheduled to depart, eager to be there on time. Yet your transport is […]

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GoMetro introduces the first Flexible Mobility Platform for University of Pretoria students to make traveling with buses easier

GoMetro has launched its first students’ flexible mobility app, GoTUKS, along with GoMetro LIVE for bus drivers to make traveling with UP buses easier and quicker.

Before GoMetro and the University of Pretoria started working together, students did not have access to a relevant commuter’s experience. They would often queue at the bus stops, not knowing […]

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Train Times Made Easy

Checking train times is as easy as checking your airtime – *120*4668#

GoMetro provides the technology to help you check your train times, anytime, anywhere. Improve the way you move with GoMetro USSD.

Commuters can use USSD to find out about their train times. Simply dial *120*4668# for the latest schedules, times and updates for PRASA Metrorail, […]

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