We have just released a new update to GoMetro Traffic which has made our Traffic Alerts App a little better and easier to use. It is remarkable how a lot of obvious elements to a design only become apparent when the first 1,000 people start using it! 🙂

We have worked a lot on making Push Notifications work effectively, as well as improving the flow of the experience from receiving a push message telling you something is happening on your route – to going straight into the app to show you what the roads look like on your route.

We've updated GoMetro Traffic on iOS and Android

We’ve updated GoMetro Traffic on iOS and Android

We have updated both our Android and iOS versions of the app, as we are trying to keep feature parity in this project. Some small fixes in this version:

– fixed issue where some users did not receive notifications
– fixed saving/loading issue some users were experiencing
– all incident pins now show useful images
– address’ are now correctly saved
– trips are transferred between devices when you switch
– much more useful and informative popup window when tapping on incidents

We have noticed that if there is an alert that is already active on our Traffic Engine at the start of your trip window – then you wont receive a push message about that alert. We are looking into that – and a fix will be pushed as an update soon.

We are also working on a Button for users to report their own incidents to our Incident Map, as well as being able to tell other users that an incident has been cleared up – so that the app can become a bit more interactive.

Please let us know if there is anything else that you think we should change or improve on in this version of the app by reaching out to us on Social Media – @GoMetroTraffic or by emailing admin@gometro.co.za