GoMetro is the official mobile app for Metrorail that reaches users in Eastern Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape. Commuters across these provinces use GoMetro daily to check for train updates, ranging from delays, train schedules and service announcements – corporates are also using GoMetro advertising to reach mobile users

GoMetro app dedicates an advertising space to companies that would like to grow their clientele. We know that our target market is people who are on the road, working, or studying. GoMetro is trying to make it easier for these consumers so that they are not left behind because of their busy schedules.

With GoMetro, commuters get all the information they need in one place. Commuters get informed about train delays, timetables, fare rates, and tickets. All of this listed services along with advertisements from various brands – GoMetro advertising is convenient for “on-the-road” consumers. Those who do not have much to sit down and watch the television, listen to radio, like other consumers – GoMetro keeps them updated while they are on the go.

A few months back, GoMetro ran advertisements for Burger King and Ackermans, to mention a few – all these campaigns became a success, reaching individuals aged 28 to 55 years. Our app supports Android, Blackberry, Apple and Windows, making it easier for everyone to have access to our products and services. GoMetro should be your number one mobile advertiser. See more about the Burger Kings and Ackermans campaigns and success on GoMetro app below:

GoMetro Burger King Nov-Dec 2016 Summary Sheet


It is easy and affordable for commuters. They just click on the icon of the advert and the GoMetro app shows the whole advert details and including the store details.

Click link below to see GoMetro rate card with full quotations and examples:

GoMetro RatGoMetro Burger King Nov-Dec 2016 Summary Sheete Card Feb

Understand the new consumer digital behaviour by advertising with GoMetro’s transit application.  With GoMetro we improve the way you move by reaching on-the-go commuters through our amazing transit app.

For more information you can contact the following people:

Domenico Deidda, 084 304 3990, dom@gometro.co.za
Craig Rautenbach, 074 117 9917, craig@gometro.co.za
Nathi Tshabalala, 083 925 0702, nathi@gometro.co.za