Cape Town – A veld fire near Woodstock Station on Thursday morning was responsible for extensive damage to equipment regulating Metrorail’s signalling system. The fire destroyed eight multi-core cables over a length of nine meters, disabling the automated signalling system.┬áThis incident is exacerbated by vandalism near Nyanga (Central area) and Koelenhof (Northern area).

Historically fire damage has proven notoriously difficult to repair as very few components can be salvaged and repairs have to be done from scratch. Technicians have been working since 09:30 this morning and due to their efforts, some trains are able to proceed under manual authorisation.

Where possible Metrorail will hold delayed trains at stations but where trains have to remain ‘stuck’ in sections between stations (most notably near Woodstock), customers are strongly discouraged from disembarking and risking their safety by jaywalking along the railway lines. Some trains will need to be re-routed while others may terminate before scheduled stations with connecting trains.

Every effort will be made to ensure that some measure of mobility is maintained until full recovery of the train service. Customer Service employees will remain on stations to assist customers until all platforms have been cleared of passengers.

At this stage, technicians are unable to guarantee full recovery by afternoon peak and customers with options of alternative transport are encouraged to use it. Alternatively, variable delays of 60+ minutes is anticipated and customers solely reliant on trains are advised to listen to station announcements and to consult Metrorail’s passenger information channels listed below for regular updates.

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