GoMetro Traffic – the app for SA’s roads

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GoMetro Traffic is the first non-GPS Traffic Alerts app for South Africa – just save your usual trip and we will do the rest.

Real-time Traffic Alerts are sent to you, without burning your GPS or affecting battery life. Think of us as a loadshedding app, but for traffic – there is always traffic!

GoMetro Traffic alerts you to incidents and traffic reports along your route.

This app is ideal if your daily commute is by private vehicle in a South African city.

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What you need to do to use this service:

* Enter your work and home address and normal time of travel.

* Choose your preferred route from the options.

* We will watch your route for any incidents along the way at your normal travel times.

* GoMetro Traffic will send you a push message if there is an incident along your normal route.

* You can then select an alternative or navigate to home.

Traffic jams are a major source of frustration for every urban dweller – especially in South Africa. Don’t get caught out! GoMetro Traffic will keep you informed about the status of traffic before you set off.

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