Cape Town – Metrorail is forced to continue with alternative transport arrangements between Retreat and Simon’s Town Stations until further notice.

This is due to the mast pole that the wind blew over between St James and False Bay Stations on October 6th 2016. Mast poles are the steel/concrete structures supporting the overhead traction equipment for train operation. Mast poles are affixed onto large concrete slabs/bases built next to the rail tracks. (See image below)


Metrorail technicians had already rebuilt a replacement mast pole but were unable to re-erect it as initially planned. They were faced with three options; the first and preferred option was to have removed the existing concrete foundation and re-erect the new mast pole onto the existing base. When this proved impossible the second option was to drill a sufficiently large core into the existing concrete base with specialised core drilling equipment. The procurement of potential service providers for this option is already underway. Should the second option also prove fruitless, the technical team will have to construct a new concrete foundation from scratch.

Alternative transport arrangements apply until the successful re-instatement of the mast pole.

To create capacity on the line the following Fish Hoek-bound trains will turn around at Retreat:

  • T0183
  • T0195
  • T0205
  • T0225

The following Simon’s Town–bound trains will terminate at Fish Hoek:

  • T0227
  • T0207

Commuters should note that delays of 30 – 40 minutes can be expected. Regular service updates are announced, text alerts are sent to registered users and posted on Metrorail’s social media as well as on


Issued by Communication and Media Office

Tuesday 18 October 2016

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