New Transit Data Reports in GoMetro Pro

GoMetro has always been about providing the right transport data to the right user at the right moment through the channel. It’s a key deliverable in our mission to Improve the Way You Move.

Right Data, Right User, Right Moment, Right Channel.

For commuters, we have focussed on the mobile phone for the last 3 years, as that is the absolutely correct channel to reach on-the-go commuters with relevant and timely information on their transport location and any potential delays. GoMetro App has had more than 1,000,000 downloads – and has information on all major public transport in South Africa – including real-time line updates on 32 Metrorail rail lines.

We then built GoMapp – which is a free Android application for the collection of transport network data in any city – and tested it out by mapping all the minibus taxis in Cape Town – building the first Integrated Public Transport map to include the Minibus Taxi industry in the process. GoMapp has recently been used by a PhD student to map Kampala, Uganda – and it’s chaotic boda-boda network of informal transport.

So we have the ability to create amazing datasets of rich geospatial transport data of the most complex informal systems in the emerging world – but how do we ensure that the Right Channel is provided for the Right User to use the Right Data (our mapped data) at the Right Moment?

GoMetro Pro Accessibility

Mobile Technology meets Mobility


Today, we are pleased to announce a new feature on our landing page – the release of Transport Data Reports that will allow Traffic Engineers and Transport Planners to use our data for individual project sites. We are starting with 3 reports (more on these below), but will be adding more over time, as our smart boffins build them for us. These Reports are currently available for South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

These PDF reports quickly and easily produce valuable information for a Traffic Engineer undertaking a Traffic Impact Assessment for a single site – especially in terms of quantifying and describing the public transport network servicing a particular address. This will allow anyone to understand and visualise the public transport services that are running around a particular address.

The three categories of Transit Data reports that are available right now are:

  1. GoMetro Accessibility Index – a Route and Stop inventory around a particular address
  2. Multimodal Routing Analyst – a Map of Transport Options from a number of addresses to a particular address in a city
  3. National Household Travel Survey data, (Statssa, 2013)

What do each of these reports do? Read on to find out.


1. GoMetro Accessibility Index

GoMetro Pro Accessibility

Quantify all public transport available within 800m of a single point including Minibus Taxi Routes. For any point in Cities that we support, GoMetro is able to provide a complete inventory of public transport routes and stops within 800m of a given point. This includes train, BRT, bus and minibus taxi routes that are continuously collected and updated by commuters themselves.

Our Access Score is a benchmark of transport availability and can be used to compare different points around the world as to transport availability.


2. Multimodal Routing Analyst

GoMetro Pro Accessibility

We define all Trip Options and travel times to a particular point from a range of other points using all public transport modes. GoMetro’s transport data and routing algorigthms measure all trip options from A to B. Planners can define their study area as an origin or a destination, and select a range of points in the surrounding area to quantify the trip options available to access a point.

All point-to-point, trip options, timetables and fares are reported in a comprehensive PDF report.


3. National Household Travel Survey (Statssa, 2013)

GoMetro Pro Accessibility


An unparalleled level of detail from the South African National Household Transport Survey results for every Transport Analysis Zone in South Africa. The National Household Travel Survey report is a PDF that we will send you that includes a Graphical Representation of the TAZ with its survey characteristics:

• General Travel Patterns
• Education – related Travel Patterns
• Work-related Travel Patterns
• Household Related Travel


Consulting engineers and Planners are able to request reports for their projects by requesting access here.


We are working on an introductory pricing per report – and would like you to consider using our Reports on all your Traffic Engineering Projects.

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