All those days where women were perceived as people who cannot do certain things that men are capable to do are gone. Women are showing that they can do anything they want to do and month of August will always be a significance of the strength they have. Looking at different working industries in South Africa you can see the woman’s role. Women are strong and very dedicated individuals beside their physical appearance which was used to exclude them to do or have certain roles.

Looking in transport industry, we have women working there and doing the same job as men. Speaking to one of the ladies who works for PRASA, one can realize that even today there are people who underestimate women although they can see their capabilities. Mandisa Mbungu started working for PRASA in 1997 as train assistant in Transnet Freight rail. She is the one of first black women to drive Metrorail trains and she had to deal with different challenges back then.


She highlighted that her passengers would be nervous and afraid for their lives, not believing that they will reach their destination because the train is driven by a lady.

“Women transformation is still in progress because even today as women we have to work hard in order to be noticeable and our capabilities to be recognized”, she said. Even today there are people who still look down on women because of their physical appearance. Miss Mbungu believes that there’s still a lot that needs to be done to empower women especially in the transport industry. There are things that makes the environment uncomfortable to women such as security matters, especially for women who works as train drivers, miss Mbungu highlighted.

She encourages young women to come and join her in the industry because she believes the more women get involved in the industry, the more women will be taken seriously and noticeable. She is committed to make change on how the world looks at women. She started as train assistant, from there she was promoted to be a driver and now she is a control officer. She is indeed a role model in most of the young women out there because of her strength to stand for what she loves.