Latest GoMetro News

Latest GoMetro News

GoMetro, the transport startup based in Cape Town that provides commuters with their train and bus updates, continues to innovate. The purpose of this blog is to provide a summary of our recent accomplishments and a brief look at some exciting future developments we have planned.

GoMetro on French TV


On 24 June 2015 GoMetro was featured on French morning television for our Email-Your-Boss feature – which has sent over 25,000 emails to employers when trains or buses were delayed since it’s launch.

View the video clip on YouTube HERE.

Latest GoMetro News
GoMetro Western Cape Metrorail Windows Store
GoMetro  Western Cape Metrorail Android App

GoMetro App has been updated


All the functionality from the mobi site:, including Line Announcements, Schedules, Multi-modal Routing etc, is now available as a downloadable app for your device. Try out our new app – If you haven’t 5-starred our app in the store, please do so!

We will soon have push notifications in GoMetro app for iOS and Android which will notify you in advance of any delays or disruptions from official or crowd-sourced updates related to your particular route choice. This will allow commuters to plan in advance, and encourage every commuter to tell their fellow travelers when it’s a “Go” or a “No-Go”. Our crowd-sourced transit info is bringing “real-time alerts” to cities that have never had that experience.

Mapping app


GoMapp, the app that mapped Bellville, is now live in the App Stores for any commuter to download and start mapping their city – anywhere in the world. This crowdmapping app is starting to collect transport data from all over South Africa, as we have challenged universities to compete against each other in a Grand Mapping Challenge. We have also seen development organizations, planning departments and consulting engineers start to express an interest in GoMapp for their projects. GoMapp helps us produce transit data that no-one else seems able to produce – which is due to our InApp approach to data collection and route capturing. Click here to see how comprehensively and quickly we have been able to map the area around Cape Town.

GoMapp Android

GoMetro Pro

GoMetro Pro

We are busy with a grant from the Western Cape Government to complete GoMetro Pro – a transport visualization tool that shows routes GoMapp has captured and allows us to start doing spatial analysis of transport networks in a City. We started working on GoMetro Pro because of a need for transport planners and engineers to have good planning data for public transport operations, and for the need to increase the visibility of transport information for public awareness. We believe that a major contributor to the number of cars on the road, and therefore our carbon emissions and space issues, is due to transport options not being known and understood well enough by society. GoMetro Pro will start to change that by making transport networks more searchable and visible – providing planners and engineers with better information of transport networks (including informal transport). We have closed quite a few letters of intent, and will be completing the software in the next month. We should have a big announcement by the end of July with regards to GoMetro Pro’s launch date!

GoMetro expanding into West Africa

And lastly, there was a very interesting article on GoMetro’s plans for an African expansion by Disrupt-Africa this week. This follows a trip we undertook to Ghana this month to identify our way into West Africa. We are actively pursuing interested parties in Africa and other emerging territories that do not have a well-mapped and digitized transport network (the list is a very long one). I am very keen to hear from potential partners who want to improve transport in their market and see application for our mapping, planning and data management system for public transport networks.

Thanks for reading some of our news – Keep using GoMetro.

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