The Bigger Picture

The fact that the developing world is urbanizing at an unprecedented rate has placed enormous strain on aged and limited public transport systems in South Africa.


Commuter rail or bus services – when they do operate – are crowded, prone to being late, highly disrupted by poor maintenance and underfunded. Smart City Technology seems an irrelevant luxury to the management teams of these systems, as they are facing core operational issues – such as lack of adequate funding, lack of skills, labour disputes and conflict with the informal transport sector.


Entrepreneurial individuals have filled the gap left by a lack of formal transport provision with para-transit operations. Minibus-taxis, matatus, trotros, jitneys, angkots – these informal transport systems go by many names in different parts of the world. They are a critical part of the transport mix, and need to be considered in the design of Smart Transport Solutions – which is a real challenge.

Current Transport Challenges


Schedule Data: The very poor record of operational planning information (route defenitions, trip times and stop co-ordinates) is currently the largest inhibiting factor to benefit all transport stakeholders. The creation and storage of geo-located Operational Data is the start of Smart Transport – as all other services hinge on this critical component.


Live Tracking Data: A lack of tracking possibilities providing locational data streamed in real – time and vehicle-tracking information collected and stored in a data repository hinders operational management, passenger information distribution and Monitoring & Compliance Auditing.


Fare Collection Methods: Current fare collection methods focus on providing one medium of payment and collection, usually by cash or by smartcard. This does not provide the commuter with options and convenience. Kiosk facilities and distributed cash collection methods make smart card fare collection much more expensive than cash.


Analysis and Reporting: Due to the lack of schedule data and live tracking data, as well as the closed nature of fare collection systems – there is very little data about public transport in our cities for internal planning and external reporting.

Improving Urban Mobility through technology.

Since its seed investment in May 2014 GoMetro has tested and proven the concept of Smarter Transport due to Mobile Technology, which enabled us to acquire major public sector clients and brands.


Our Mobility Platform

Improve the way you move

GetGoMetro Mobility Platform

The service is designed to provide a communication platform to connect and match
users of the service who are looking for a ride with third party, or organizational drivers.

Meet the GoMetro Team

Board & Management

Justin Coetzee

GoMetro Justin Coetzee

CEO & Founder
Board Member

A registered Civil Engineer, Justin knows the sector and our clients intimately. He is one of the country’s leading experts in Transport Technology, advising National Government on strategy and roll-out. He sets the pace & vision for the team at GoMetro – re-inventing Transport as a Service or Solution.

Brett Commaille

GoMetro Brett-Commaille

AngelHub Ventures (CEO)

Extensive experience in Venture Capital and Angel Investment. Director of, and advisor to several technology companies, Brett actively adds value daily to strategy, process, growth and development.

Derek Prout-Jones

GoMetro Derek-Prout-Jones

4Decades Capital
Former CIO of RMB

Former Chief Investment Officer of RMB, as well as CFO, ”DPJ” has invaluable contacts in the financial industry and a deep knowledge of Corporate structure and funding strategies, both of which he shares with GoMetro as Chairman of the Board.

Andrew Gillett

GoMetro Andrew Gillett

Head of Advertising
Formerly Publisher at M24
Board Member

Andrew heads up our digital media strategy, managing our ad clients and campaigns. He leads all commercial contracts and partnership engagements.

Ernst Coetzee

GoMetro Ernst Coetzee

Company Secretary
Technology Implementation
Board Member

Ernst is the technical co-founder, with 30 years experience in IBM Systems and Business Analysis. He serves as Company Secretary and is responsible for all company administration and tenders.

Domenico Deidda

GoMetro Domenico Deidda

Product Manager

Dom is GoMetro’s Product Manager, responsible for quality assurance and operational execution. He managed two digital companies before GoMetro, and brings 10 years of digital experience to ensure that GoMetro delivers quality products for quality results.


GoMetro has won several high-profile national and international innovation awards:


Gauteng Innovation Competition 2012


MEF Award – “Global Innovation from a Growth Market, 2014”


Get in the Ring Africa 2015 – Startup Olympics & 2nd Place in the International Finale


Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award – “Best Practice in Transport VAS, 2015”


Due to a large user base of 200,000+ Commuters who actively use the GoMetro app, we have sold in-app location-based ads to Vicinity Media, Shoprite, FNB, African Bank and Lacoste. In its data and public sector market, GoMetro acquired PRASA, the Gauteng department of Transport, the Western Cape Government, the National Department of Transport, the National Treasury and WSP, Aurecon, Delca Systems, ITSE and Aecom as clients.

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